Can you please tell me which debt settlement company you are dealing with. I am in debt up to my eyeballs and I’m not sure which way to go? Thanks in advance.

Just a word to the wise, I enrolled into a debt management situation and yes they were successful in getting my payments down.. BUT at teh same time were collecting 30 Bucks a month as long as my cards were in debt management. I have since killed them and I am handling it myself now that I knwo the mistkaes I have been making for years… 30 is a nice extra payment on something rather then waste it.

My question is have you exhausted every resource possible before doing that..? Compared your budget to your actual, eliminate all un necessry items,

Negotiated with your creditors for better terms.. I was able to get mine to do so. Just have to be peristent. And finally coming up with a formal plan to eliminate the debts one by one. Just a thought, not sure of your specifics..

Is it okay to list my company? If so, it is Effective Financiaal Services, based in Clearwater Florida, and I I found it on the internet. I like it, they amke you go through a telephone interview thta takes about 30 minutes, and the send you bank statements of the money you have accued, which seems so legitimate to me. You do have to pay for a few months until it kicks in.

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What is wrong with people??????? I’m guessing when Spring rolls around and those rebate checks start coming out, we’ll be able to buy all kinds of things for just under $300 or just under $600. Anything to get our money.