Have you explored Dave Ramseys Snowball method?

You pay a total of 256.00 extra a month if you just look at the low end of what you are paying extra. You could pay off Penny’s in a little over 2 months with that extra and then you will have the 256 plus the 30 Penny’s payment to pay on the next smallest debt which is the GE Money, but since there isn’t much difference between that and Target I’d hit the Target next since it carries a higher interest rate. Then you’d have Target paid in under a year and then apply you extra and what you were pay Penny’s and Target and hit the next bill. And keep going until all is paid off. You have more a feeling of accomplishment, and hopefully keep the impatience moster at bay. You can wave each bill in its face as you pay it off!

snowballGood thinking, I didn’t get too far at Ramsey’s site because there are fees all over that place. I like what he says, I listen to his podcast (The free one on iTunes) but he does charge. I’ll go look again, but it’s almost like you can’t get deeper into the site without…. ironically,…. a CREDIT CARD….LOL!

Penny’s is on my fecal scroll now, next I’ll bring Target down….! That would be good to get rid of those and then GE moneybank. That’s an old debt and I want to be rid of it.

There’s a lot of free information on Dave’s site. You can listen to his archived shows free, too. At least the last 10 days worth. And…. he doesn’t accept credit cards. 😉

Also, you can check out this forum of his fans:


And there are a lot of other sites just loaded with his information.

You can change the currency when you calculate your snowballs.

I found stuff at ‘The Motley Fool’ too… So, even if I wanted to get the financial peace uni course, I could not use my VISA Debit card?

Yes, you can use a debit card. I had a friend try to use her credit card and it absolutely would not go through. She tried another credit card..no go. She used her debit card and it went through fine.

That’s weird, and kinda neat they can evidently tell a cc from a debit card…. Nice then.

Won’t do it yet, with my overzealousness I don’t have enough to get any of the ‘coursework’ and to be frank(Fred, George etc…) I can’t do a lot of the ‘saving’: IRA’s and so one.

Even out of debt, when you get SSI, you cannot have more than $3,000.00 in the bank. Really stupid IMO, but that’s the law for us.