I totally understand the impatience Monster (and the frustration Monster, the despair Monster–I’ve met them all!).

One way that’s worked for me in the past is to pay minimums on everything but the card with the lowest balance. Pay whatever you can extra on that card with the low balance and watch it go away over a short period of time. Then throw what you were paying to that card into the one with the *next* lowest balance, plus whatever minimum you have to pay. Etc. Repeat until you are paying a huge payment to the debt with the highest balance. Sometime it’s a good idea to apply for payday loans online and solve your urgent financial needs at once.

It gives you faster and more tangible results, and keeps you motivated.

Way to go on paying stuff off!

Not sure if this is what you’re asking (or want to hear) but I’d get rid of the DISH net bill. I know public television has it’s limitations for entertainment. However, it can be done. I have chosen not to have dish or (paid) t.v. channels. I rent a couple of movies during the week or maybe buy a movie on sale. It would save you $78/month.? Just a suggestion.

Keep attacking the smaller debts and put as much as you can towards each one..To fight the monster of impulse is easy.. Do you want to continue barely getting by and not having extra cash? You have to get that mindset that your ticked off and sick and tired of being in debt. If I ran the numbers on how much interest you are paying, which is money being thrown out the window you would be sick to your stomach. The borrower is slave to the Lender, do you feel that way right now? because if you do, that’s because you are. You are making everyone else alot of money. Make that money for you when you pay off this debt and you will be financially and mentally free. Just remember it took you time to get into debt, it’s going to take time to get out of debt. And trust me it’s well worth it..

Appreciated, but the roommate, my fella and I use it and all three of us pay on it. I should have broken that one down better… With all of us 3 on the $77-78, that’s $26. a month.

We have no antennas here, and you know in a year all channels will be digital. You won’t have TV at all without converters and so on.

Makes sense and snowballing will make it easier on my budget too. I am and have been there. That’s why I was going hammer and tongs at all the debts at once.

I think this next month, I’ll be snowballing them. Of course honoring the $190 minimum on the closed end loan, I can round that up to $200. but the others can have minimums and I’ll get my smaller debt out of the way hopefully by end of April.

The ones with the minimums in the $82-83 range I could go a hundred, but not going nuts and doubling those. I can back up a bit from that.

I do know what you mean. I was just getting so impatient, but it is stressing me out, so I have to try to sit back and be gentler on myself in the endeavor.

some areas don’t get local tv reception even with a good antenna. I’m in one of them, you may get 1 station, kinda.

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