I have never filed for bankruptcy and hope to avoid it, no matter how far behind I may fall.

That said, even debt collection employees do not have the right to abuse you, threaten you, curse you, etc. It is illegal.

  • You know that you owe the money.
  • You know that the debt is really yours.
  • You know that it is your responsibility to pay it.

Now, there should be some type of middle ground. If it takes doing it, disconnect your phone. Write each of your creditors and clearly state that your telephone has been disconnected and please contact you only in writing and via the U.S. Mail. NOTE: You have to disconnect the phone. Instantly the telephone threats and calls and “intimidation” will CEASE.

First, write out what you “ideally” want to take place. For instance, I want to negotiate a settlement in $_______ (input amount) or $_____ per paycheck/month, etc.

Then, call the creditor. Explain that you can not pay $_________, but you are able to pay $_______ instead. Once you reach an agreement, ask for it to be put in writing. Make sure that the agreement clearly states that by paying the agreed upon amount of $________, this debt is considered paid in full.

After you receive the written agreement, with all of your negotiated terms included, get a cashier’s check from your bank, copy it and the letter, mail it SIGNATURE REQUIRED to the creditor. Include a copy of the letter with your payment. KEEP RECORDS OF EVERYTHING !!!!!!

Disconnect telephone after speaking to all of the creditors. They are stubborn and they will keep calling unless you do this.

Some of you think this is drastic. It is.

Even though you owe the debt and are willing to pay, NOBODY has the right to constantly call you and threaten you and harrass you until they receive the full amount due. It is not your fault that they get paid more for harrassing you to the inth degree. When they TRY to continue the telephone barrage (AND THEY WILL), they will reach your DISCONNECTED phone. They will then stop calling. They will realize that in order to communicate, they will have to write it down and mail it to you. They don’t want to. TOUGH. You will have a written record of what they say. MOST will not threaten you in writing. They are fully aware that it is against the law. You keep every single paper they mail you. If it comes down to he said/she said and you have to go to court, take all of the written communication with you. Let them deny that they threatened you and/or harrassed you in front of a judge. When you present copies of the 50+ letters you received in 3 weeks time, what can they say? You are holding the proof! Got it??????

Pay your debts and cover your assets.

P.S. Give only your home phone number. It is against the law for them to call you at work once you ask them not to do so. It is against the law for them to call your friends and family once you ask them not to do so.

If you give them your cell phone, you will have to change numbers in order to stop the phone calls.