My Ex-inlaws have filed bankruptcy twice and I’d be very surprised if they don’t make it a 3rd time. I swear I believe they do this on purpose…get several credit cards, max them out buying all new stuff,file bankruptcy, wait a while until they can get more credit (10yrs. or whatever) and then start all over. Who absorbs this cost/loss??? Is this why interest and late fees on credit cards is through the roof? WHY after they have filed bankruptcy 2x would *anyone* want to give them credit again? I know it gets erased off their credit report…..but should it? Sometimes when I look at my very old crappy looking couch, not very pretty dining room table,etc……it almost makes me want to go out and do this.However, my guilty mind would nag at me.

You have ethics, others do not. OK, I was stupid getting into debt, but haven’t kept going deeper, I stopped and am paying off. My fella’s sister is like that though. She went BK, got back up, charged more, went BK again, got back up, got a small house and she’s going to lose that too now. Problem with most folks and bankrupcy is they don’t learn anything.

Just like anytime one is bailed out, you don’t learn from it. I have a couple that are very dear friends. They “bought” a 5 acre property owner finance, got screwed on the contract, and their “payment” went from $900 per month to over $1300 per month in less than 1 year. They were bailed out by another neighbor that wanted the property, rented them half of it, plus one of the mobiles. And you would think with being close to weeks from being homeless w/a cougar, 5 gators, birds, snakes, etc. They would be saving every dime they could, nope, spending money like it’s water.

And has been mentioned before, it isn’t always stupidity. Life throws all kinds of things at us – sometimes all at once and things have just got to be paid (health, house repairs, food).

This is true. I’m not referring to the 1x mistake or the long term health problem, house burning down,etc. that causes bankruptcy. I’m talking about I believe some people do this on purpose.When my ex’s parents filed bankruptcy they continued to live like there was no tomarrow (all their bills were gone) …eatting out all the time(even buying the dog burgers at Burger King).They’ve filed for a second time…still living like there’s no tomarrow….nice vacations,bought both my kids brand new computers for Christmas,etc. When will the courts,credit card companys,banks,(America) decide enough is enough….how many times should a person be able to file bankruptcy.

The companies know that if they run up debt again, they can’t file for bankruptcy and get rid of the debt for some time. That, plus they don’t care.