Plan Overview

The Tulsa Regional Transit System Plan is the first of its kind in our region. It builds off the forward-thinking momentum created by PLANiTULSA, the city of Tulsa’s long-range comprehensive plan, and focuses on public transportation for the region’s communities including Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Bixby, Jenks, Owasso and Sand Springs.

This is an extremely important opportunity for the
Tulsa region to compete for federal grants which are increasingly moving toward public transportation. The Tulsa Regional Transit System Plan is the first step to identify a financially-viable public transportation program for the greater Tulsa area. 

Public transit options include conventional buses, express buses, bus rapid transit, street cars, commuter rail transit and light rail transit.

Participation by the public is a major component in developing the plan. Numerous opportunities are being created online and throughout the Tulsa region to engage residents and stakeholders about their attitudes, needs and desires with regard to
public transportation. Your input in this process is a key to its success.

Input from the public will be merged with a rigorous technical process. This process includes analysis of demographics, ridership, traffic modeling and corridors. Traffic corridors will be ranked and prioritized and the draft plan will be circulated for further review by the public. After the plan is finalized and approved, a subsequent Alternatives Analysis will occur in a specific traffic corridor in a defined geographic area. It examines all transportation and recommends the best overall transportation technology and route.

The Project Team

 The project team is a combination of INCOG staff and a consultant team.  Below are the specializations and responsibilities of each of the technical team members:

    INCOG Transportation Planning Staff
    • Viplav Putta, INCOG Transportation Planning Manager, Project Principal
    • James Wagner, Transportation Projects Coordinator, Project Manager
    • Kasey Frost, Public Outreach Planner
  • Jacobs:  Overall project management, transit system plan development
    • Mike McAnelly, FAICP, Project Manager
    • Doug Duke, P.E.,  Deputy Project Manager, Tulsa Office
  • Whitehouse Group, Travel Demand Modeling, Demographic analysis, needs assessment
    • Todd Brauer, AICP, PTP, Vice President, on-board transit surveys, travel demand modeling
    • Wade White, President, travel demand modeling
  • Connetics Transportation Group, bus system evaluation and planning
    • Susan Rosales
    • Herb Higginbotham
  • BBP, LLC, institutional and financial planning
    • Jim Prost, AICP
  • Collective Strength, phone survey and analysis
    • Robin Rather
  • ZigZag Urban Development, public outreach
    • Patrick Fox