Comments and Questions

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Below you will find comments and questions gathered duing the outreach phase of the Fast Forward Transit System Plan.  Comments are screened for profanity, but otherwise posted as-is.

APRIL 2011 (arranged in the order received)

I had been riding the bus from home from work, but after the schedule was changed, it was difficult.  I leave work at 5 p.m. and the bus I needed to take home changed from leaving downtown at 5:10 to 5:47- meaning I would be leaving downtown almost an hour after getting off work.

MARCH 2011 

Once you draft and finalize plans, allow local city councils to vote on plans that effect their own community. No INCOG vote.

Better roads. No mass transit.

Bus service from Owasso to Tulsa International and Owasso to Tulsa and 169 ramps, Owasso to Cherokee Industrial Park and North Tulsa for obvious reasons but extended hours might include midnight or later.

Having more convenient bus stops and simple bus routes is something I’d look forward to.  There’s nothing more annoying than having to take 3 separate buses to go 5 miles.

Lower cost would encourage more people to ride.

Service to airport, downtown Tulsa, later hours, service on Saturdays and weekends.

Keep buses clean.

I’m just excited about the prospect of extending the service to outlying areas.

I am handicapped in a wheel chair and would like to go to Tulsa to shop and the fairgrounds for events they have there.

I’m not personally interested but I think it would be good for local seniors.

More sidewalks so you could walk to bus stops.

Keep seniors in mind for cost and scheduling.  Some service like streetcar would be great in Owasso.  A reasonable rate to go to Tulsa would aid and add to the quality of life.  Seniors could use a break.

Consider seniors.  Consider discounts.

Seniors in the Tulsa area need better transportation options. Please help!  Cannot get to nutrition center or grocery store, doctor…

Handicap access.

I am a senior citizen.  My doctor is in Tulsa.  Would like bus or train service to Dr’s office.  I also volunteer for Good Samaritan’s Clinic once a week.

I would prefer a weekend bus between my location and shopping/entertainment areas in Tulsa.

It would be nice if you had a train loop that connected Woodland Hills, Promenade, Brookside and Cherry Street, Downtown.

Bus lines, to me, are the first and primary form of mass public transportation and I believe that prior to other major initiatives Tulsa’s bus system should be up to speed with the cities size and needs.  I would love to see bus maps and clearly marked, colorful signs at stop.  In addition, bus shelters would make taking the bus more attractive.  It would be thrilling to see streetcar or lightrail but, as mentioned above, buses seem more foundational to me, and it seems to me that we’ll need more concentrations of high density residence to make it viable, economically.

Keep the long term population/demographic focus: 20-somethings (“gen Y”) today will be nearing retirement age when the transit systems are fully operational.  Their parents (the “baby boomers”) may be too old to drive autonomously at that time- thus, baby boomers would especially benefit for having transit amenities in place for the final years of their mobility.

It would be great to have something quick that went through areas of downtown- through midtown, especially if it ran later at night (ie: not calling a cab to get home from the bar).  The key for me would be something quick without a LOT of stops along the way- just some.

I would definitely take any rail system provided the fare was affordable with minimal wait time.

I love mass transit and took it every day for months in Madrid! Please make it easier and more accessible in Tulsa.

Better accommodation for bikes (more bikes).  Better consistency for on time pickups to make transit times more reliable.

1.Consider cycling infrastructure when making any new plans to expand public transportation infrastructure (bike lanes, signage).  2.Bus shelters (covered seating at stops). 3. Electronic displays indicating when the next bus will arrive. 4. Implement consistent branding/marketing concepts for all new public transportation initiatives as to relieve the “stigma” of TT buses being for low-income people.

I don’t have much experience other than the DC Metro system, which is awesome.

We need to educate people to get rid of that “independent” feeling that makes them think “I have to take my own car”.  Drive the word “sustainable” into their skulls!!!

Frequent trips schedule to and from Owasso connections in Tulsa to various locations.

I believe senior citizens would use public transportation often if connections in Tulsa were good.  Train/Light Rail Transit.

I would like to see enough park and ride lots so that each rider has only a short way to drive.  Would love to be able to take the train from Tulsa to OKC.

We need bus transportation in Owasso.

Looking for express from Owasso.

More options available for those that are disabled, because they would most likely not be able to drive.

Stay cheap.

Forms in ABQ N.Mex began 30 years before the first tracks were set in place.  The rail between ABQ and Sante Fe was the only catalyst to keep the vision active.  Similar, Tulsa t OKC Rail is likely the most attractive marketing tool available to taxpayers.

It is time for Owasso to have Tulsa Transit options to/from Owasso and Tulsa.

Nothing at this time. I am excited about the possibility of having access to this service from Owasso.

Routes to Broken Arrow between 7am-5pm.

You have to make it efficient (eg: more frequent service during rush hours).  Also, every route doesn’t need to serve downtown.  Promoting routes that go to the airport might convince people, who wouldn’t consider work commuting, of the advantages of public transit usage.

Having a better sense of how often the bus is running on time would help me know whether to trust it as reliable.

I currently would not use it for work.  But if public transit were a viable option, I would look for a different job.

Although rail may be far out in the future, we need to figure out how to keep Tulsa’s current bus service and expand it!  Transit is a vital part of a healthy city.

Commuter rail to downtown where people can catch a bus or spend time/attend events in downtown.

Good waiting facilities.  Working equipment.

Nothing, continue the good work.

Denver’s light rail works well.

Need light rail from Owasso to downtown area and from Owasso to airport and from Owasso to Saint Francis Hospital.  Need commuter rail from Tulsa to OKC.

I would like to see light rail between Tulsa and OKC.  Also, even the Tulsa area suburbs to downtown location (BOK, ONEOK Field, etc. ) and to the airport.

You need a stop in Skiatook.  I work in downtown Tulsa and would use a bus service if it were provided.

I would like an option to take a bus to Tulsa for Collinsville on occasions.

Stop in Collinsville somewhere!

Transportation line from Catoosa to Tulsa downtown area and shopping and medical hubs.

Service from Catoosa to Tulsa would be great.

Disabled fares, senior fares, bicycle access (checkout what they have in Portland).

I would just like to be able to ride to Tulsa without driving.

We have no choice but to do more and more public transportation- our country has to go this way.  I would take it if it would take me to my job each day.

High speed rail Tulsa to OKC, Kansas City.

More convenient times and stops.

Keep it green.  Try to find a way to make it free rather by tax dollars or some kind of pay cut to to unexcused overpaid people.

More seats.

Clean, cheap.

Convenient times.

A bus to Tulsa and surrounding towns with excellent connections! I am retired and would enjoy the above.

I would like to transport my bicycle so that I could ride it at my bus destination.

Rail or streetcar service.

Create light rails, more fun=more people using it.

Make a one-way stop to schools and have to parking lots.  Like everybody (meet in one or two parking lots and all can go to TCC).

Learn from what other big cities have done successfully and unsuccessfully for optimum results and better city planning.

Make it like Paris!

Need more buses or streetcars.  I would ride if they went through smaller towns.

Make it safer.

Need extended coverage area to Broken Arrow.

Commute from Broken Arrow to the Tulsa Airport.  Bike racks, day and night buses, rail system to downtown Tulsa from midtown with bus connection to Broken Arrow and Owasso.

South Tulsa plus North Tulsa and Metro Tulsa.

Having more bus routes.  It can be inconvenient to have to take two or three buses to arrive at one location.  Maybe making more bust stops and “only” a few more buses (Don’t go crazy).

An easier transfer system from say a daycare to work would be nice.  And I need it to come at closer intervals. Also most of the drivers are rude.  That’s why I quit riding the bus.  They need to start earlier too.  Or maybe a subway system, that would be cool.

Drivers are not courteous.  Buses are too early or too late, NEVER on time.  Stations don’t have enough security.  More frequent service.  Drivers do not obey basic rules of driving.  We pay for a service, some people depend on public transportation for everyday living. We should not be exposed to drivers and their road rage.

Lower fares would be nice, along with faster bus routes.

I like it the way it is.

It should be free.


Bus routes that a family can plan a weekend (Saturday adventure).

Nothing.  Everything looks good.

Free on Ozone days.  A customer must be able to justify the “added” initial expense of riding the transit.  Example: I already commit to a month to have a pike pass. If I buy a transit monthly ticket, it would cost me an additional $40. 
Q: What if you collaborate with Oklahoma Turnpike for discount statewide?
A: This is an interesting proposal.  We will look into the possiblity of having the Turnpike Authority give an option to commuters on Ozone Alert! Days.

To make the seats more comfortable, make it cleaner, more fun to ride.

Don’t allow crackheads to ride the bus.

More bike racks if possible.

I’ve never used the bus, but the complaint I hear is it takes too long to go to short distances.

It is great. Keep it up!

I really like this new setup.  I don’t have any complaints.

Transit system is pretty nice right now.  Would not mind to more entertainment.

I really like transits new routes and how they are accurate on their time.  I really enjoy transit.

It would be nice to have ways to get to East and South Tulsa easily (I live in Brookside and work downtown).

Public passes that work on all systems available.  Corridor park/ride lots at TCC campuses and could get students/faculty from campus to campus.  Customer service to the cities areas- wealth of info and make an impression on visitors.

We need light rail.  Seriously.  If I could take the train all over Tulsa and also to OKC and Norman, I would never have to drive.

Safe bike commuting needs to play a significant role in any discussions about improving transit options within Tulsa.

I would like to see rail service from Tulsa to OKC.

Prepare for the future by investing in transit now.

Frequency of service.  Later hours.

I rode the Tulsa Transit before getting a car.  If transfers were easier when catching another bus I would go for it.  I would get off one bus then have to wait forever to catch a crossing route.  Not good.  I waited many times.  More covered bus stops are needed to keep out of bad weather.

We need sooner wait times for buses and 1 hour and 10+ wait times is too long.

Light rail/cable cars up and down all major streets.

Keep in mind security confidence cost.

Make more neighborhood stops.

More routes and faster service.

Longer hours.

More frequent buses and a more dependable, on time, easy to navigate bus system would greatly benefit Tulsa.

Rapid transit from downtown to BA would be great.  Would like to see a rail system used.

Light rail from Coweta to Tulsa.

My son (age 20) cannot drive and could benefit greatly from services for the disabled.

Let’s do it now before costs go up!  The longer we wait, the more expensive it will be.

I think there should be more bus times and routes.

Stop building all these expressways.  It is making Tulsa a very ugly city and most of the new ones are unnecessary.  It has a very negative environmental impact and is adversely impacting the nice communities in North Tulsa.  STOP THIS UNNECESSARY WASTE!
Q: Do you really listen?
A: We are listening.  We have compiled the responses from the questions asked on the survey online and conducted on the Transit Lab Bus.  We want to make the transit service in the Tulsa Metro better, but have to identify funding strategies to make that happen.  The building of exprssways is a decision primarily of the Oklahoma Department of Transportation.

Better options to go shopping, instead of just downtown.

Transportation to/from retail and entertainment centers.  Bicycle integration is important to me.

Please do something to get Tulsa back to better public transportation.  My co-worker lives 8 miles from our office. She tried the bus and it took her 1 and ½ hours to get to work.

Wait time and cost are important factors to me in relation to mass transit.  It must be competitive to using a car.  I would also like to see bike lanes and sidewalks along all major roads.

Having separate bike trails where the bikes aren’t sharing roads.

Make bus service more available to people who need it.

Service from Tulsa to Broken Arrow and vice versa.

Using public transportation is a mindset!  I’m from Chicago where everyone rides a bus and the subway.

Include Skiatook in routes.

Owasso needs a bus to downtown!

The bus instructions are a little difficult to understand.

Extend services from the 74137 area super Wal-Mart location to go from there to the 82nd location without people having to walk long distances.  Some are elderly and have some disabilities that would not allow them to walk long distances.

West side service is needed. Overnight service would be great also.

Thank you!

We need to include Sapulpa in our plans.  Bus service also needs to take into account people who work 7-7 as well as 9-5. When I worked nights in Tulsa, I could ride the bus from Jenks to 21st, the 7-7 schedule could not.  Waiting times makes riding the bus an all day affair unless you live or work downtown.

Thank you.

Thank you and keep up the good work!

Sunday bus service.  Reliable pick-up times.  Express routes to S. Utica.

Safer bus stops.

My problem is dropping off my daughter at daycare before school.  Need buses to wait for a moment while dropping off child.

While the buses seem to be efficient, the routes do not accommodate workers.  Potential workers coming from North Tulsa.  It also seems that bus service on Sundays would accommodate church goers- lots of them in North Tulsa.  Service hours are also too limited.

Ya’ll don’t come close to my house, 33rd W. Ave, Apache.

On demand route additions.

Like to see better means of transportation.  Break away from Gas/Natural gas- more electric.

Need more dropoff/pickup locations.  More buses per hour.  More transfer stations.

It takes too long from start to finish to ride a bus.  Having to leave an hour earlier or getting to your appointment too early.

Evening hours are important to avoid getting stranded.

Need later hours for city buses and more transfer stations.

Q: In your demographics, was North Tulsa community / elderly community included in your route planning?
A: We had 20 stops in North and East Tulsa including a community dinner and several specific meetings with community leaderes.  The North Tulsa community was also represented in our Fall 2010 phone survey.

Install train transportation.  Learn how to set the system. Visit Chicago, San Francisco, New York City.  Do not be political about transportation.

Extend operation hours with both day and night service.  Maintain fare prices.

More frequent routes with select express buses on those routes.  Not just express buses for park-n-ride lots.

Have not taken a city bus.

Use CNG and lower the overall cost of running these buses.

Need easier and quicker routes.  Would be nice to have a transit Website and way to type in “to” and “from” and computer would tell automatically what routes to take.

I would like Sat service in Broken Arrow and I would like longer hours.

There should be better collaboration with all business, colleges, churches, hospitals, public officials, chambers.  Public transportation is a necessity not a luxury.

Having more routes available will encourage people to ride.  Right now too infrequent and no directs from BA to Tulsa.  Route to airport, hospitals, malls, necessary.

More frequent trips.  Saturday service.  All for Broken Arrow too.

We need better connections between Broken Arrow and Tulsa.  I usually go to work at Hillcrest Hospital in Tulsa 3 nights a week- Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.  The present bus system doesn’t connect well enough at these times to use.  I like subways and light rail.  I fell in love with them when I was in Germany.  You could get anywhere most hours of the day.  Our elderly folks and our bible school students need to be able to get to jobs and other things downtown and don’t always have cars or can no longer see well enough to use cars.  We need a system that can get us around into the future.

Light rail from BA to Tulsa would be great.

This is a much needed improvement.  Thanks!

I would like to see bus service from 91st and Memorial Dr to Rhema Bible Church and back from 8:30  am to 10 pm/  Thank you for the opportunity to make my request.  This is for several (4) people.

People could make it to work more often in winter and/or when their cars break down.  This transportation could remove limits of having to settle for worse jobs because can’t get there.  People can get to doctors appointments, etc.  Thanks for considering this great need!

Keep the conventional bus system!

Having more reliable transportation helps having a rail system train would be ideal, because it will help tremendously for the route city buses and would help get you there much quicker, but safe.

Airport, malls, zoo, (aquarium in Jenks), fairgrounds.

Keep the present bus system.  Many families depend on it every day to get to and from work and school.  Thanks.

If you provide transportation it would populate BA.  Thank you for considering it.  It is the most important thing to have.

It would be nice if, online, I could just type in a starting and ending destination and it would just tell me where to go and what route to take instead of me having to look it up myself.

Thanks for thinking about Broken Arrow.

It would be great to have a transit route from Rhema to the mall or from Rhema to some of the outer limits of Broken Arrow like the BA High School.

I don’t have a car.  Buses, even 508 should stay on route, or if going off route, return to spot where bus went off route.  And have more bus spots on route.  I have waited on route for bus and found out bus went off route and didn’t return to route stated in transit book, so I had to find alternative transportation.  It would be helpful if there was an automated system that can be called at nay time to find the location of a bus, especially the location of the 508 since its location at certain times varies daily.

Advertise what is available now.  Offer discounts to seniors and students.

I have used bus in other cities and my wife, myself and children like them.  But they ran often and came close to home and stopped at Wal-Mart where we went.  I believe if there were more stops I would use it here.

We need a Sunday service.  And it would be nice to have a fixed route from 471 to connect to Rhema.  Also need an extended weeknight and Saturday.  Sunday service would allow me to go to church and work.  Currently I have to walk an hour to get to work on Sundays.  I currently ride your bus (Tulsa Transit) but we need better times and Sundays.  That would help me “Simplify my ride”.

It looks like implementation cost is very low and very minimal.  Within a few months, all monies would have been recovered.

Bus showing up within announced schedule time would be great.

Consider the places the buses stop.

Public transportation is an expense to the taxpayer that is neither needed or wanted here.  Take it somewhere else.

Try a bus that goes to the home, picks up a person and takes person to place, then home.

Bus depot in Broken Arrow.

Wifi on the buses.  Trains would be great.

Use smaller buses around Broken Arrow, not large ones.

Needs to be integrated- we need Amtrak and bus and local.  If city only offers limited service, no commitment to a comprehensive transit system- everywhere in Metro area, all hours all parts of the city to include NORTH TULSA, HISPANIC concentrated areas, EVERYBODY then it will not work. Tulsa government local and state will never follow through with a plan that works, too much political defensiveness, lack of commitment to complete service, always blaming the people for “not using the service” when the plan was not committed to by city and state to begin with, will never work with our city and state officials, government agencies! Must be private investors, bonds, and grants.  Oklahoma (government) does not have the vision or foresight to do what private business does.

More times.

I'd use public transportation other than to travel back and forth to work. I probably wouldn't use it to get to work because I work more than 10 miles away from my home and I have to take my child to school (different direction) but I would use transit to visit downtown, night life areas, entertainment districts, etc.


The bus routes and schedule is very confusing. There is no bus service (that I can find) from Harvard north of Admiral that travels south past TU. There are a bunch of people walking that would use this route.


Reliable drivers, schedules and prompt service would sell many in the Owasso area to do park & ride.  The lot would need to be secure.  At least 3 runs a day.


Convenience is key along major routes with stops only on major roads.  Like Chicago's "L".  But keeping it nice and clean always is also a big plus and safe.


Thanks for leading this conversation. I'm excited about Tulsa getting a more integrated public transportation system.


More bus routes going both ways on every main street East West/ North South


Clean and safe places to wait for the bus. Sidewalks and better lighting around designated bus stops


Service to suburbs. We have none


Right now there is not a convenient bus route to my work. Right now I would have to catch a bus probably at about 7:00 am to arrive to work at 8:00 am.


1. earlier morning work times and late night work times.  2. placing the service in areas that is most needed.  3. extend the area services. 


I used to ride the New Haven Line rail into NYC and other stops along the way and found it extremely convenient. I found rail to be more reliable for a schedule than buses. And in weather.


More education regarding transfers and bus routes and times


I have taken the bus to work in other cities where I have worked. I would in Tulsa if it were faster.


I am a 78 year old woman who retired over 16 years ago.  I do volunteer, so I have to been able to get around town.  I took the bus for over 21 years when I worked downtown.  Someday I will no longer be able to drive, so I hope that there is good public transportation.


Light rail is a more economically feasible solution for Tulsa's long term transportation needs.  For any kind of public transportation system however; it is important to provide proper shelters for the ridership waiting at designated stops from traffic and inclement weather.


I am very interested in seeing biking as a major transportation alternative.


I'm glad to see this being studied and hope to see improvements in transit for this area.


I would prefer that money be spent on better roads, not mass transit.  I enjoy the freedom and convenience of my car.


Please increase service between Broken Arrow and Tulsa. 
Q: Would rail service ever be possible? Also, once downtown, how to transfer to TU campus? Sorry I missed your meetings.
A: Many cities the size of Tulsa have implemented rail systems. Most start small and build up.  Albuquerque, NM has a commuter rail that connects to Santa Fe and Little Rock, AR has a streetcar that connects across the Arkansas River to North Little Rock.  A transfer from downtown to TU would most likely be via a circulator bus.



Service between Owasso and Collinsville area and Tulsa area


I have traveled in Japan and want the rail/transportation system they have; many types/layers.  It may be a nightmare to administer but appears very well integrated.  Also, the infomercial on TGOV (COX-19) highlights several attractive ideas to consider incorporating.  I am glad to hear of the groups and individuals brought in to assemble and implement the plan.  This is a great project for Tulsa and the area.  I think I would like to be involved in it but see all the meetings have already taken place. 


Q:You have completely left Collinsville off of your route, yet you have included Skiatook, HALF of which isn't even in Tulsa County.  How sad!
A: We did have a stop in Collinsville during the week we were in Owasso.

Hello.  The demo bus came around yesterday, and I got to take a look and fill out the survey.    I am very excited at the possibilities.  I wrote many things on my survey, but I would like to elaborate because this is very important to me and many people I know.  I may have circled that I liked the light rail and trolley best, but I would be willing to ride on anything that would make the service worth using.  I currently don’t use the transit system because I work at 7 am downtown tues-fri, and I can’t get here by then by bus.  The earliest one at my stop is around 7:30.  I also work til 9pm on Mon, but there isn’t a bus on my route that runs that late.  Extended bus hours are the single most important thing in making the service workable for many more people.  Furthermore, if using the bus just to travel to and from work, it would cost me more than what I currently spend on gas for that purpose.  If the service were such that I could use it for most things around the city, then the cost of an unlimited pass would be dramatically cheaper than what I spend on gas.  Once again, it is late night service that would make me take the bus around the city.  On Saturdays, my line doesn’t even run through dinnertime.  I really appreciate the effort the city is making to take our transit system into the future.  If I sent this email to the wrong place, I would appreciate it if you could forward it to the appropriate person.  Thanks so much, and I’m looking forward to using the bus system in the future.

We need better transit service than we have now.


Extend bus service to Glenpool, “rail service”, any service.


Extend bus service to around Glenpool.


More outlying areas with bus service.  Less time between buses.  More availability for wheelchairs.


Must have a mix of options including fixed light rail to encourage development.  We must be bold!


If you had an express service between Tulsa and Sand Springs, I believe you would have more ridership.


A bus from Owasso to Tulsa would decrease traffic on Hwy 75 and 169.


Q: Could a ‘mpv’ lane be added to BA Expressway? To encourage more carpooling.

A: I believe you mean a HOV lane (high-occupancy vehicle).  This could be done with the cooperation of the Oklahoma Department of Transportation.

Would love light-rail not only for commuters but for entertainment districts.


Any type of mass transit from BA to downtown Tulsa would be great!


More stops downtown to serve more places of employment.  Some covered parking at park and ride locations MPV lanes on BA Expressway.


Trains are more fun to ride than buses.


Glenpool area would use a transit system for downtown.


Street cars linking: Cherry St., TU, Brookside, DT, 18th and Boston.


I currently ride 210 Harvard.  I drive 5 miles to park at Warren Clinic and have to cross Yale.  Takes 1 hr total to get to work but 1 persisted.  I would like to see service come down Sheridan to 11th St.  to DT then I could leave car at home!  Suggestion: Have buses run on major North/South streets to DT but go far enough south ie: 111th St., Memorial, Sheridan, Yale, Harvard and Lewis.


Even though my drive to work is fairly short- I could and would save so much in gas.  Plus the stress free life.


To have less wait time in between buses.


Bus service from 101st and Memorial.


Service to Easters edge to downtown would be good, rail, bus which ever.


Frequent, reliable, timely public transportation would 100% convert me.


Transit oriented for shopping and entertainment would be very beneficial to the local economy.  Getting to work on time or being able to leave at will may be a limiting factor for work commuters.


A bus where I am at.


Give us a bus in Glenpool.


Routes efficient for personal use.  West Tulsa -> Berryhill -> downtown.


Bixby has been trying to get a bus system for years.  Especially for disabled people who can work but not drive and elderly people with appointment- plus people who want to shop and not drive.


I don’t want to pay extra taxes.  I am sick of driving JR. to work in Tulsa though.  I use a company vehicle, dispatched from my home and do not report to any location daily.


Railway between Tulsa and BA.


More places set up for parking to ride transit.


Consider extending beyond currently planned area.


If other cities can do it, so can we!


Used to take park n ride but now came down to Brookside for 6:30 yoga then downtown to work.


Think about those who really depend on the transit system (low income- mid) and the bus is all they have.  These are the Tulsa residents who serve the service industry.  It does not make sense to catch a bus at 5:00 am (N. Peoria) to get to Memorial at 8:00 a.m.


Look at examples in Europe, Japan, etc.  Spain is putting in considerably more electric light rail.  We need a more greener and sustainable transit system.  Will attract business and higher educated individuals.


Please include Cherry Street in your development.


Commuter rail or service from Mannford or Sand Springs area.


Extended hours are definitely important and needed.  Also, better pickup times are needed.  I would like to see a consistent time of 15-30 minutes between routes.  That is essential for highly developed mass transit.


More services for seniors.


Adding a second express route to Indian Springs- or somewhere in South BA- would be very beneficial.


More runs, evening runs after people get home from work.


More if it was convenient and economical to park at work on days I don’t ride bus.  Bus pass/parking combination.


More express routes.  I  spend 50 minutes every evening waiting on #902 after I get of at 4:30.


Owasso Please.  Fast trac.


Loop rail from Blue Dome/downtown, Cherry St., Brookside.


Route to BA, Jenks, Bixby, Catoosa.


I would ride a light rail to work downtown.  I do not take the express bus due to the times.  Also, I pickup my child in Bixby several times a week.


Q: Which buses would let me carry a bicycle to work?
A: All Tulsa Transit buses in service have bike racks on the front.  For more information visit and look for Rack-n-Roll.


I would like to bicycle home a few days a week.


The plan should include frequent bus routes to Southwest Tulsa via downtown.  Realizing that the higher density, low and mod populations will be the service workers for the core return.


Bus drivers attitude towards passengers is an important feature.  Call center info is also very important.


Having grown up in Queens, New York and taking trains to work in Manhattan.  It is the best way to go.  Too many cars on the roads.


Good service.


I have used the Dallas Transit System and it is fabulous, a good model for us.  I would like to reduce the amount of driving I have to do.  The bus system as is has been unreliable and Tulsa Transit unresponsive to customer concerns and complaints.  Improve communication.


Far-spread route coverage: current system is extremely limited.


Something closer to Bixby.


I’d like to have bus from Tulsa to Broken Arrow.  I really like to see there’s bus system in every city.  Gasoline is getting expensive.  For the sake of saving energy, we will like to take bus instead of driving car all the time if we have good bus system.


I work in it.  Sometimes it is difficult to predict my ride home/when I can leave.  Later run times would help.  I have used the express routes when I can plan my day and enjoy it.


Plan for economic development as a goal.  Use transit to guide land use and increase densities.


Make transit service to Bixby, express.


2 days a week from 6585 Yale to 815 Utica takes few minutes to get to lobby, due to mobility issues.  Depending on duration of appointments can take me a little longr to get to locations.  There is no bus stop on 81st where I like, the closest stop is on Sheridan, unable to walk that far in allotted time, to each bus.


We currently have the lift programs which helps handicapped people get around.  And now it’s getting harder and harder getting on the lift and city buses routes change a lot and some of us can’t see to walk from bus stop said destination.


To be honest if these people to work or to doctor to be on time keep the word.


I think a light rail service would be amazing for Tulsa to invest in.  Especially throughout Downtown and surroundings parts of the city.


Keep in mind accessibility for people with disabilities.


Better transit from city to city for people with disabilities.  Also, more transit within the state.  More cities need to be served with transit.  I am blind and would like for stops to be announced so I know where I am. 

Q: Is there a way to announce a bus is here to pick you up?
A: There are technologies that allow real-time bus location information.  These employ GPS units on every bus and a web-based interface that can be accessed via computer or smartphone.  The City of Tulsa would have to be willing to invest in this technology for it to be viable.



I would like to see more mode choices and seven day service.  Better funding, so service is not cut.


All traffic would move faster if we had no left turn lanes.

Lift service for handicapped needs MUCH work.


My co-worker Lin Arnett would like to restore the bus stop at 21st and St. Louis (north side) because the extra walk was quite a hike, especially in the snow storm.  I love our buses and just want to see more of them, especially at night and weekends.  Also, more commuter friendly timing at the downtown station.  Currently arrive one hour early for Saturday shifts; the only other option is 20 min late.  I try to encourage friends to ride the bus but the timing is just not convenient enough for them.


Thank you! Permanent infrastructure is vital for downtown. 


When I lived in town the biggest hurdle was bus stops were far from my home and I would have to wait too long at the transfer station.  Now that I live out of town the park-n-ride would be the best option or possibly light rail.


Easy and quick to get to from home and work.


Please have Amtrack come through Tulsa.  Biking, walking, and light rail would be three cheers to Tulsa!


In the last two cities I lived, I rode the bus and rode my bike (seasonally) everywhere.  (Tempe, AZ and Eugene, OK).  I cannot do this here.  The bus lines are too infrequent, too long, too few and there are too few bike lanes, creating an extremely dangerous bicycle commuting option.




Services on the weekend.  That would be faster.


A safe driver.


Stops must be clean and secure.


Destination is an important reason to ride- 

Q: Is there a bus to the airport?
A:  Yes.  The 203 Route goes to the Airport.  The route schedule can be found here:



My job requires driving around, so my employer should invest in a motor pool for once I get to work.  This sort of thing (motor pool) would benefit many people and enable more to use public transit for the home/work/home commute.


More frequency.  Stop between Utica and Peoria on 21st.


I would love to see streetcars return to Tulsa!


I feel some type of light rail would be a nice thing to see here.


You need to include in your planning a weekend service.  I personally believe the city is losing monies and fares because the city has not developed a weekend service for its people.  After the work week, Tulsa citizens without autos are stranded at thome and no way to socialize or interact with other citizens or activities to spend their hard earned incomes, thus preventing a Tulsa social environment from developing.  And restricting the Tulsa Transit System from maximizing on the financial gains/profits available to the city.  Figure it out, you can’t grow if you don’t have the people/citizens help!!! Money!!!


We need stops in neighborhoods.  I don’t want to add an hour to my “getting to work and home” time.


I live in Berryhill, where I’m sure a transit system will never come, but for the majority of the population, a better transit system (most importantly one that operates most hours of the day) is vital.


Rail and mass rapid transit will help with commutes to all parts of Tulsa and surrounding areas.


Knowing the stops for schools as this is something for the future (son) that I am looking at for travel/budget.


There is bus stop not too far from my house but it does not come early enough for me to be at work by seven.  I have also figured the cost of gas I spend to get to

work and it is cheaper for me to drive.  Late night service is a must.


More buses on routes.


The City budget needs to support transit.  My daughter uses the LIFT and couldn’t work if it weren’t available.  I understand that Tulsa Transit cannot do much without more money.




I currently live in the SFX Health System Hospital in Tulsa but this may not always be the case.  In other cities I relied on buses and trains to get around and it would be great to have effective transportation from the hospital to the airport and airport to downtown, hospital to downtown.




I was raised in Washington DC when METRO was introduced and its service was increased.  It made a tremendous, positive impact on the city from students, to tourists, to federal employees.  It is a good system.  Please keep in mind if you plan the elderly and sick who may frequent a transportation system for health care and civic facilities- libraries, etc.  Thank you.


Later hours (til midnight?) would help many people.  More direct routes or training for those using buses (it’s very complicated and confusing).  More routes from BA, Jenks, Bixby, extended areas.  Use on 61st streets- routes needed many people in this area don’t have transportation.  Some routes require leaving at 4:30-5:00 a.m. to get to destination because the bus goes downtown and then there’s a long wait for a transfer.


The current mode needs to provide for longer hours (ie: people who get off @ 12:00a.m.).  Provide service on Sunday and provide more frequent service on Saturdays.  The timing of services when there has to be a transfer needs to be timed better.


It’s time to make it happen.


Really need to tie into Sperry/Skiatook area/  work in Tulsa area and there’s no transportation alternative.  In Tulsa, many (almost all) clients I have had for the 16 years are in need of closer stops, covered stops, more frequent service, earlier and later hours for shift workers and those trying to go to school and work, child and health care- Sunday hours.


More buses on 61st at school.


The DAS is a scary place!  I’ve been bugged, bothered and harassed there in the past.  Also, bus arrivals and departures should be listed on a screen or announced.


It would be better if it had better security at the bus transfer station.  It would be better if people had better security at the DAS.


We need later hours and to convince/encourage more eligible riders to utilize the LIFT program.  MTTA needs to get better drivers on the busy routes and stop puttingthe small buses on 221 route.


I think this is a very good project for Tulsa.  I would definitely use public transportation if it fit my schedule.  Keep up the good work.


I fully support what you are doing for the betterment of Tulsa.


If there was anyway in the future that bus schedules would mesh with class schedules, I believe a lot more college students would use Tulsa public transportation.


I think light rail or commuter rail along the BA Expressway corridor would be very helpful to many Tulsans.


Lower rates for one way and more stops for bus routes.


Better signage.  Extended operating hours (evenings).


If you offered more bus routes, buses, and times of pick-up, people would willingly ride again.


I’d like to see a combination of commuter/express bus service and more frequent city service.  The Denver system, which includes light rail and downtown shuttle bus service, seems to work well.


When planning, also keep the customer finance into consideration.  Try to keep transit under $1.50 fare one way.


Better detail in bus schedules and routes.


Work tables are great!


Honestly I have only rode on a city bus once.  But it was kind of dirty.


I would love to see after hours.  Such as 10 p.m. to 2 p.m.  There is not a cab service in BA.  I think it would be used a lot.


Do not put bus stops in high crime areas.


Pikc-up and drop-off at main venues- not wanting to walk several blocks to appointments.


More frequent routes and locations.  More advertisement on bus service and routes.


Encourage you to keep working towards alight rail system between Tulsa and BA.


I only use this to get back and forth from the fair reach year.  It would be great to have some air conditioning and more seating.


Reliable rail transport- from downtown to the lakes.  Reliable regional transport.


More stops need to be in place for easier access.


Need transportation from Tulsa to Broken Arrow.


Transportation to and from work.


I drive Turner Turnpike often.  I would use light rail between OKC/Tulsa.


Transit system needs to be easily recognizable and know where the route is going.  I often use the light rail system in other cities because I know where (or can figure out) the train is going.  But I seldom use the bus system because I am unsure where it goes.  I hope a light rail transit system can be established between Broken Arrow and Downtown Tulsa.  I would use it to get to downtown Tulsa for special events.

A train from the suburbs to downtown would be nice.



Listen to James Wagner, he is really smart and cool!


Fixed trolley in midtown would be amazing.  Public transit throughout downtown would be welcome as well.


The light transit from suburbs to downtown, Brookside, Jenks, Owasso.


Advertising more in heavily populated areas (mall, events, bars, restaurants, downtown) would let more people know.


Run a transit.  Stop looking for ways to cut services and raise fares.  Make this system more customer service driven (no pun intended) and not always thinking of how to do less for a transit public.  Most thriving cities ie: Austin have dependable not 9-5 transit where business people don’t mind riding the bus.


A train would work or just a bus.


If buses ran every 15 min, I would never be late to work.  If they ran 24 hours, I could work two jobs.


You’re doing a great job.  Keep it up.


The industrial routes need more buses not just 1 every hour.


I think for the size of Tulsa, public transit is inadequate, it’s a good system but needs more routes, more buses, extended hours, and more options.


1)    Sunday service 2) extended nightline service


Keep up the great work!


Bus on Sundays, more hours on Saturdays.


Run buses on weekends- cover more areas closer to hospital.


More buses in our area.


More Saturday and Sunday rides.


Run on Sundays or 24/7.


Riding is too expensive for those on a limited budget.  It’s a great service but a little pricey.


Park and ride from Coweta or BA.


#3 (more frequent service, extended service hours, easier/faster transfers, more express buses from park and ride lots) explains exactly how I feel except maybe when the weather is bad it runs a lot better.  Drivers are very nice.


Bring back more service on 471.


Bus stops that keep you out of the weather are safe.


Tulsa needs a much improved transportation system, including bus.  Trains, streetcars, etc. that are available 24/7/365.  It needs to include the surrounding towns for at least a 50 mile radius.  Commuter trains needed!  Tulsa can’t grow to its potential without a good, economic transportation system.


Need better alternate route during construction.


More buses going through the routes so wait time is not so long.


I am 70 years old, ride the bus to work every day.  Pick up 471 East to mall, transfer to 318 South to get to work at the Cancer Treatment Center of America.  I also use the night line pick it up at 10:35 at mall.  I get off at 9:30; would be good if I could have a little early pick up.


Smaller buses.


Police/security presence at rail station, intermittently.  I have taken public transportation in LA and DC and it was fast and convenient.


Need to catch bus from Sand Springs early enough to get to hospital by 6:40 am then be able to get back home when shift ends at 9:30.


More routes, better service, more transportation choices.


Include Sapulpa.


You need to extend the hours of certain bus runs. 7-7:30 is too early to stop runs.  I’ve been here in Tulsa for 5 years.  I come from New Jersey and Tulsa is 30 years behind in mass transit systems.  Also need limited runs on Sunday, at least, to major malls so people can shop. This will expand upon the economy here in Tulsa.


I would ride the bus if it could get me to work in 20 minutes or so.


Express bus.


Easy access not around to bus traffic.


More routes that run up/down major streets (ie: couldn’t find a bus to go down 51st from Lewis to Yale or up Utica from Admiral to 21st).


24/7 buses.  Surround sound music to relax.


I find rail service to be more reliable in inclement weather and reliability on schedule.  Took rail daily in Connecticut.


Every thing is good.


Light rail would be great!


Better timing.


Advertise for use of church groups, etc.  Group rates to events.


Need easier and quicker routes.  Would be nice to have a transit website and way to type in “to” and “from” and computer would tell automatically what routes to take.  Kind of like mapquest does.


Use CNG to lower the overall cost of running these buses.


Have not taken a city bus.


More frequent routes with select express buses on those routes.  Not just express buses for park-n-ride lots.


Extend operation hours with both day and night service maintain fare prices.

Using different fuel instead of diesel; pollutes the earth.






More green days.


Go forward.


Drivers be more polite.


I am very happy with MTTA, Thank you.


More experienced drivers with better attitudes.


Increase service time (more buses per route).


Bus transportation to Port of Catoosa.


Wait an extra ten minutes to catch the bus from DAS.


Longer bus service.


Fast, effective and convenient with reasonable prices.


Add a trip planner to the transit website similar to Dallas.


I would ride if a bus ran on Riverside.  My stop would be 31st and Riverside.


Search for new funding.


I like they are better than Spartan which is Shreveport where I’m from.


Having reliable transit service for a reasonable cost would help people and the city in the long run.


Extend transit hours and nightline routes.


More transportation to smaller around Tulsa towns.


Put in more buses on the Route 117 and 118 and a Sunday service.


We need 24-7 service.


You’re doing great.


We need Sunday service.


I would like to just say that: plan ahead of time for more convenient trips.


There needs to be no eating signs on all buses.  Make connection time shorter for all buses.  Put more buses on your routes that are used the most.


Tulsa transportation is exceptionally limited on weekends- too long between buses on Saturdays and with no services on Sundays it is limiting not only me, but others that depend on getting where we need to get to but also limits how much economic progress could be- as well as are usually busy and people spend more money on weekends.


Faster bus service and later hours.


More direct mall service.  Sand Springs nightline.


I would like to see more routes and bigger buses.


Better routing, more frequent, Sunday service, extended hours, better planning for ourtes.  Bring people from major cities like Tacoma and Seattle to show routing and times and implement those ideas.


Sunday service for all routes.  Saturday service for 306 route and any others that do not yet have it.  Get advice from transit planners of cities like Tacoma and Seattle, WA.


Enjoy riding and convenient for us.  Ride #100 bus to 11th st.  Stay on time, more frequent.


Nighttime service.


Start with more ridership.


Take a look at Sapulpa in your planning.


Would really like to see a light rail system develop in Tulsa, seem to be extremely efficient once fully established.


Have food available.


Promote public transportation through commercials and radio broadcasts designed to influence Tulsa citizens by promoting the following: lower pollution, lower cost of travel, improved downtown environment.


Clean buses.


If possible, an underground rail service could be really beneficial in the downtown area.


Light rail.


Be sure to connect popular places directly, ex: Woodland Hills, Promenade.


Highly in favor of railroad-

Q: Why don’t they use the rail in the middle of the BA expressway? 


A: The Union Pacific Railroad currently owns all the right-of-way on the Broken Arrow expressway route.  A deal would need to be reached with UP whereby their freight traffic could still be served and passenger transportation needs as well.  Since this is not a publicly owned right-of-way, there would need to be compensation as well for the use and maintenance of the track.





 Would like to ride public transit to malls, downtown, Cherry St., Utica Square, etc.!  (Also zoo and airport) Light rail- the lighter, the better!




Trolley system from Sand Springs to downtown Tulsa.


Present bus service takes too long to get to downtown.  Need more direct routes.


Conservation must become a bigger part of our culture.


Entertainment, such as TVs.


More bus service within outlying communities.


Some sort of trolley system serving various entertainment areas at night would be great…  South Tulsa, Riverwalk, Downtown, event centers, etc.


The bus just doesn’t feel safe. It’s not the drivers, it’s not the vehicle.  It’s the people that ride the bus that make me uncomfortable.


I am self employed, may work at several locations during the week.


Transportation from other cities to Sand Springs.  I live in Owasso.


Because I have to be out making calls is why I would not use service.


Suggest self funding/no tax subsities.


Transit from outer suburbs to downtown areas (arena, ball park) would be good.


Would like express service to malls in Tulsa from Sand Springs.


Come to South Sand Springs.


Keep up the good work.  Thank you for all you do.


Transportation for elderly upon request- for doctors appointments.


Keep at it.  No city succeeds right out of the gate.


This survey is addressed to full-time workers.  The source of “rush hour” congestion.  But what about part-time and odd hour workers?  Plus, older people really need public transportation due to diminished abilities, finances and it would benefit the rest of traffic if they were off the road.


Tulsa needs more sidewalks, better parking and better pavement.  Because Tulsa does not have a truly centralized commerce center, automobiles, bicycles and pedestrian transportation are the most appropriate options.


If people knew the buses were safer, they may use them more often.


Faster routes.  To get from point A to B.  Less time waiting for buses frequent routes, lower fares.


Aside from providing needed mass transit that will help with congestion on our roads, it will cause development and resulting revenue for both operation of the transit system and helping Tulsa stay contemporary.


Tulsa is really a family community- not an urban area.  Run bus services from low income areas and large apartment complexes, especially to universities.


I think it would be great to come to Bixby for those it can help.


The sooner the better!


We are retired people on fixes incomes. We are interested in the “Lift” bus!


Convenience, low cost.


Economic issues of today- gas prices too high, but a reasonable cost per month for citizens is necessary.


At Autumn Park, we need lift buses as there are many disabled persons needing to be able to go to doctors office, grocery stores, etc.  They are at the age of giving up our cars and still needing to get to doctors, grocery stores, etc.  Many are physically limited and we need help.


Ride from trailer parks to Bixby and Tulsa, there are four parks of mobile home parks.


I just would occasionally need a lift service to get to doctors!


Could you start at 101st and Memorial?


Have not ridden a bus since I was 18.  We rode for 50 cents.


Funding for drivers with Bixby senior bus service. ? Funding last 3 years.


Must have home to destination service.


They work through any type of weather.


When it’s ozone it should be free to ride cause it’s extremely hot.


A faster system.

You’re doing your best.


Fixed rail preferred.


Sunday service.


It’s too hard to get “there” from “here”.  Any route I’d want to take would be multiple transfers and way too much time.


Trains, trains, trains!



The current system is unreliable and seems to cater to those who can not afford a car. I have travelled the world and have been to many US cities. Everyone of them has an extensive public transit system and the majority of the population uses it. Tulsa can have the same thing. 

The reason why I don't use the bus system currently is because of how long it would take to get to and from work. I can get there in 13-20 minutes by private transport, depending on whether I use the highway or not, but by bus it takes 40-45 minutes each way. I understand that this is because of route consolidation, and the path my bus number must take is very circuitous in order to encompass many stops. To me, this seems to produce worse results in ridership than it gains in fuel savings. 

I'd love to see the city become more pedestrian-friendly-sidewalks/biking lanes throughout the city-not just along Riverside. 

We need to connect the entire Tulsa co with the city by rail at least. I have lived in Dallas for a number of years and the jobs the DART rail have brought to the city are enormus. 

1. Question #3 should include a non of the above option. I only chose an answer b/c I was required to .  2. The 5 minute video highlights the BA for rail. I hope this is the LAST option you consider since there are very few redevelopment opportunities along it. 

1,  the system is screwed up 2.  it takes forever to get around the city 3.  majority of trips take 1.5 hours 4.  one Bus per hour per route is a joke 5.  Transit system needs to cover entire city 6.  buses need run 24/6 7   the buss stations are a safety and heath      issue  Tulsa Transit:  Providing all of Tulsa  with public transportation is a important thing but the first priority for Tulsa is to overhaul its current public transportation system. I am functionally legally blind, this is the only reason I use public transportation. To travel  to one place and back home is a hassle in its self, but to go to 2,3,or 4 places is almost impossible. (example  to the mall, to the hardware store, to the grocery store and to walmart,kmart or Target, amd back home) if you half to do anything after 6 0r 7 O'clock or later at night in Tulsa you can forget about it.    Let me speak candidly, because of the lousy service  the only people in Tulsa who use public transportation currently are the poor, the handicapped, and the libtards (The libtards don't count) connecting Broken   Arrow, Sands springs, Jenks, Collinsville, ,Bixby, Catoosa, Owasso, and Turley (you left out Collinsville, Owasso, Bixby, Catoosa and Turley) with the status quo of public transportation  would not work. The majority of people who live in these adjacent bedroom feeder communities do not have any real world incentives to use public transportation, for them public Transportation takes too long, is undependable, doesn't go where they need to go, when they need to go there, and they refuse to ride with the riffraff  but if public transportation in Tulsa was pragmatically overhauled to be user friendly, safe, amd reliable it might be different.    

Q: Where do you get these louses buses their ride is rough (especially the older ones) 

would rather something other than bus system "rail" "street car" 

I've used public transportation in other cities prior to moving here. As a rule of thumb, I try to live and work along a bus line, but with the current scheduling and route availability, I have to use my car as the only reliable source of transportation. I'm currently a student and would like to pursue a car-free lifestyle. Not only does public transportation provide an alternative to personal vehicles, but they enable people to partake in shopping and leisurely activities without having to worry about parking (and sight-seeing as well). Thank you for the survey! 

On most days, bus service to work might still be impractical for me due to my need to travel to meetings outside of the office. However I would enjoy using the bus for a whole variety of other destinations - especially "after hours" trips to nightlife and entertainment areas (Blue Dome / Brady, Cherry Street, Brookside, maybe even Jenks Riverwalk) as well as the airport. 

Consider Elementary sites as pick up points.  If that is too many, consider middle schools. 

planning should incorporate easy transition to future transportation technologies (i.e. p.r.t.) 

I would like to see dense and up-and-coming neighborhoods (Cherry St, 11th Street near TU, Utica Square, Pearl, Brookside, Downtown, etc) served first, before suburban and lower density areas. 

I would really like to see light rail in Tulsa.  I believe we should start with a starter line downtown and possibly a line out to the airport.  

SIDEWALKS and BIKE LANES, PLEASE. Getting people out of cars doesn't just mean giving them to sit on a bus or a train. Tulsa is the only large city I have ever lived in where it is virtually impossible to walk or bike as a mode of transportation. Instead of spending millions on walking and biking trails to nowhere along the river, I would much prefer sidewalks and bike lanes that can actually get you around town. 

Add more staff to the Call Center; call wait times are too long.  Extend the hours for Emergency Pickup for Express (park-n-ride) Route. 

The bus stops are horrible. Most are simply a sign stuck on the side of the road. There is often no sidewalk, so riders must stand in the grass on a slope, whether it is snowy, muddy, wet or otherwise. Also, there should be simple grid-type routes going up and down every major street. If a route doesn't happen to go near your neighborhood, you will have a long walk to the bus stop. 

Reasonable prices for clean, well maintained, transportation into downtown.  

It is important that the new transit system connect downtown  to the suburbanized population. A light rail transit and commuter rail would improve Tulsa's image and encourage investment and growth. 

I've already taken this survey before in the form of a hard copy, but am testing it in order to promote online. 

My work requires lots of off site meetings which would make it hard to utilize bus service.  Our geography might make it challenging to get everyone everywhere they might want to be in a fast, affordable and convenient manner but I do believe that tackling that challenge will be essential for our success in the future.  

My use would be for access to and from recreational venues. Question 5, really would not apply for me. 

Transit is a vital part of any healthy city. Tulsa cannot advance economically (in the long term) without it! Also I think a gas tax is an excellent way to raise funding for road repairs/transit development as well as a way to spark transit use. 

Right now, there are no parking lots in order to ride. It is too far for me to walk from my house up Union Avenue to take the bus. It is not convenient. In Denver, there are park n ride lots. Also, the bus service stops around 6 pm. On occasion it would be fun to ride the bus downtown for dinner and come home without the hassle of driving and finding a parking spot, but not if the bus service stops at 6 pm. 

Please include the surrounding towns.  

I've been on subways in NY, and in Chicago on the above ground rail. I like them both, compared to driving a car in rush hour. Avoiding traffic and getting from A to B faster is my goal. 

I would use the current system if it was available during my working hours. I work downtown and commute from Broken Arrow. I work rotating shifts and transportation is often not available. 

Most of my answers are looking at transit from the perspective of my friends. I would definitely use it myself when going to weekly meetings in downtown Tulsa if the point to point times were posted at readily accessible locations.Highest quality maintenance and cleanliness is a must. Neighborhood stops should be limited to conventional buses.System should be protected from graffiti. Zero crime tolerated aboard . 

More frequency would be great. That would make transferring much easier, or maybe timed transfer points around town. Focus on the people who already ride, and go from there. An hour and a half to get 6 miles (mostly waiting) is unacceptable. 

I have no idea what the current bus routes are, how to access them, or how to make a transfer.  I would love to use public transit to go into Tulsa but I have no information. 

I would love a light rail system as well as a train between Tulsa and OKC. 

I wouldn't use it for work as much as for evenings out...going downtown to the events, restaurants. 

We need service to run preferrably 24-hours, but certainly to at least 10:00pm.  This should include service on Sunday. 

I think that light rail to major locations in Tulsa and the surrounding area would be a great start to a better transit system.  Stops such as the airport, fairgrounds, Tulsa downtown, and additional at the surrounding communities would be beneficial.  I would love to ride a transit system to work that could get me there close to the same time as I drive now as well as having several times that I could catch it.  The benefits of being able to relax and ride would be worth the slight extra wait and cost. 

Timeliness, cleanliness, safety. Top in consideration, make those happen and its golden. 

Tulsa area has the worse transportation system I have ever lived near. 

I think Glenpool is in need of bus services to Tulsa, particularly the Tulsa Hills shopping center. 

get a grid system.  I live two miles from work and I can walk to work in about 45-60 minutes.  It takes over an hour and a half when I take a bus.  The reason is because I have to take two buses and there is an hour in between.  I am willing to do this but a lot of people are not.  I can't get home on a bus because I am not on a night route.  Night routes are great if you live on one but if you don't than too bad. They are very long and they do not connect very well with other night routes.  Tulsa should court the  people who have to pay full price to help pay for the bus service but right now it is mostly for people who  do drugs and alcohol and are on ssi and welfare, therefore most of those people get reduced prices.  It is the waiting between buses that really wears a person out. And there is nothing to do but watch the news on tv.  I go to the memorial bus station and there is no security.  But there are a lot of strange people there.  And customer care is not friendly.  It seems like anytime you need something they are on lunch or their cell phones and you are always interrupting them.  They  don't know where the buses are, they are not in the same building as dispatch and dispatch has to email them so most of the time you are telling the  people the buses are late.  It is not easy taking the buses. I have been doing it for two years.  Memoral bus station gets really crowded and people have to sit on the floor and the heater/air conditioner doesn't do a very good job.  All last year I sat there for an hour and sweated and if it gets below 50 degrees outside than you freeze.  I talked to Ray at Tulsa Transit and I was so disappointed in his attitude.    Everyone at the Tulsa Transit office makes you feel like you are brothering them.  Yes I was rude but than I had to be because I only had 30 minutes to get what I needed done before they closed their office for lunch.  They do not stick to the rules.  I had a heck of a time when the 222 deactivated a brand new bus pass and two bus drivers kept telling me to go downtown and to get it fixed.  It was not the first time it happened.  It turned out to be one big headache.  Riding the buses is not simply, not at all.  snow routes, late buses, detours, and bus who breaks down and the rider is the one who has to  figure it all out.  When you are waiting for a bus you are all alone and you pray they will come.  No one is very sympathetic to your plight.  I am a visual person and I need land marks to go if there is a change in the bus route.   Not go south  and go north.  Where is that compass in the sky to tell me which way is north, south, east and west.  St Francis has two bus stops and sometimes they close one down but they treat it like is all one bus stop so if you don't  know you can be in the wrong place and than dispatch acts so surprise when you call up.  The good things about the bus is they do let you drag groceries  and packages on board and they do pick up the handicap. 

Tulsa needs light rail loop to the outlying communities with spokes running to downtown and stations along the way with bus service to commercial/shopping/dining locations. Question 3 should have an other option. 

I would like to see a bus route from Olagah/Collinsville/Owasso to American Airlines. A pick up at a centraly located park and ride lot would be great. I am sure you could make money. 

Better service to and from Owasso.  There is no way to get to Tulsa except drive. 

It would not only be nice to take a mono rail to work in tulsa but also a high speed rail to oklahoma city dallas denver and st louis, little rock 

Should have to wait no longer than 20 minutes for a connecting bus, in a covered area protected from the wind. I am 66 years old and ache too much to stand in the cold or heat very long. 

As a nonprofit director in healthcare, we need a direct bus line that runs to all the Hospitals and medical office buildings conveniently.  It currently takes 45 minutes 1 way to go 6 miles from Hillcrest/St. Johns to Saint Francis. 

The Sapulpa area is in critical need for economical transportation to Tulsa for business commuting, medical appointments, etc. 

I believe Sapulpa should be included in the plan. 

We need more buses to stop in Sand Springs and cheaper rates.

Would like shuttles or light transit to go to events at BOK, unlimited passes with discounts for vets, disabled, seniors, students and children.  Also to ballpark, ORU, casinos, shopping centers, Spirit Event Center, PAC, Brady Theater.

Just be on time- good job!

 It would be good for people. 

I’d vote for this bus transportation.

Make it happen, please.  I’ve lived here (Lucille Page Manor) since 2000.  You should make bus service here a reality also a lot of prayers answered, including mine.  Good luck, hope it happens.

Retirees who have no cars and/or cannot drive for some reason, public transit would be a godsend. 

41st east of 97th highway would be a perfect route for us in Lucille Page and there is already a bus stop ½ way up to 97th

I’m not qualified to advice on this.

I am excited to get the mass transit in place taking into consideration the elders and their limited income.

I would frequent other small towns, if we had a better system, for shopping, restaurants and visiting friends.

Retired but like to go to Tulsa.

They need updated buses in Tulsa and maybe some form of entertainment on the buses.

I would like to know the bus schedule.  I cannot see well and it is difficult for me to find this information on the internet.  Can library in Sand Springs be added to the schedule?  Bus route now is a difficult climb.  Main and McKinley has a lot more traffic.  Train would be positive.  Signs larger, bench at the stop.  I'm concerned about senior mobility.  Can you print the schedule in the Sand Springs Leader?

Best wishes on this project.  Please consider the older residences and do not leave North Tulsa out/  Great presentation!

Longer hours and lower fares. 

1)    Transit, trails and bikeways connecting surrounding communities from 74033 area to Tulsa and Owasso, Catoosa, Broken Arrow.
2)    Bike paths on roads- like Portland, Oregon- box painted area at intersections for bikers to wait in for light to turn green and also side of roads painted so bikers can travel.
3)    Transit hubs for 74033 area and extended north of Tulsa- so people can drive to hub and park car and then take transit of some kind.
4)    All transit vehicles have racks for bikers to put their bike.
5)    Include life buses throughout all planning
6)    I am all for other vehicles then bus- as new idea/plan- light rail.
7)    Faith based and community agencies that have vans, buses, all work with transit to coordinate a plan to travel to hubs at public schools and assist people wanting to go to food pantries, community based health clinics, and other places to meet the health needs of people.  Thanks for offering this to everyone.

Wifi and focus on quality.

Offer free service 1st month and 1 week a year; offer new comers to Tulsa a free month pass; take business leaders/owners on a route with event to describe benefits 

More opportunities to catch a bus with less wait time. 

More buses. 

Keep up the good work you are doing. 

You gotta do what you gotta do.  Try to be a good person.  Do what makes you happy, as long as you don’t hurt anyone.

Private contractors serving routes.  I lived in Uganda 7 years.  If you saw their bus park (station but just open to dirt lot) you would think it’s mass chaos but they start here and run all over the country and in each city they go to stops along the major roads and very frequent and reliable at all hours.  How much is their transit budget? Zero.  All private.  Dangerous- no regulation and lots of wrecks but free enterprise works even in “developing nations”.

Bus transit on the weekend.

Industrial parks, 24 hours a day, so we can work at night.

Better seating at the bus stop waiting for the bus to come = more safer from the street.

More frequent bus service and earlier and later service times.

Snow service for people who need to get around.

Better disability service.

Be on time- more equality for elderly and handicap people.

Keep up the good work.

Make sure the buses aren’t always running late.

It’s loud, annoying and slow.

I would really like to understand the bus routes better.  Also, how the bus routes operate.  How late buses are willing to provide transportation.

They need more buses and in rotation, shorter waiting periods.  They should just have at least 3 buses per route.

They start by coming by early sometimes, and by having more buses for enough people to ride on and much better seats.

Nothing really.  Tulsa Transit is doing fine.  Just keep it up. 

I would say to make sure the bus drivers get more respect and make sure that they also give respect.

Just to get me where I need to be faster and better and to make it as safe as possible.

Well if the bus would wait a little longer than usual then it would be better cause sometimes they leave people.

Be nice even if you’re mad. 

We need more advertisement on the bus routes and where they go.

More neighborhood pickups.

More bus routes in the north community.

The last snowstorm (2 years ago), I couldn’t move my car.  To catch a bus, I walked from my house (Owen Park) to the downtown depot (fastpace, 30 min) then waited 25 min to catch the bus which took an hour to get to my work.  If connections were better, riding a bus would be realistic.

66 years old, won’t ride bus because I don’t want to walk there and wait.  Too old for that.  No need for rail, it won’t help us out North.

Not much.  Just keep up the good service.

This is good for future transportation!  Keep up the good work.

Can see better transportation in the next 10 years.

Good if I live that long to see this change in transportation in the City of Tulsa.

Would like to see a light rail service.  I came from the Bay Area in Oakland, CA.  Used the BART to go as far as 45 min ride to college.  Very convenient! 

Love to see the community get more service!

Just faster routes.

Fast service, neat bus.

Have more entertainment, like a radio.

I like the trolley in San Diego.

I would like more benches and covers from the rain and sun.

Plan ahead.

Just be more considerate about people who wait.

There should be more buses on the routes.

More surveys.


More buses.


Good Saturday evening service and Sunday service.


I’m Mrs. Minister Mary Curry.  They’re (Tulsa Transit) doing a good job.  Most of the drivers is very friendly, intelligent, and try to speak in an intelligent way.  I’m not going to conveniently because we need you all.  I think God for you call we need to be more patient to them only thing if someone bring drinks on bus.  I wouldn’t let them, instill they dry their self out.  God bless you all and all the ones you drives the bus.


I can’t think of any at the moment thank you.


Bus come more than 40 minutes and on time.  Back up sooner if bus break down.



No waiting, heat and air need to make it a comfortable ride.


More seats, faster service.


Be on time.


I will like if they run until midnight and it will be great for mothers/fathers with children.


It would be nice to have 24/7 service like the big cities (Philadelphia).


Being on time little bit more faster and cleaner.


Sunday service.  Later service or all routes.


More buses on time so people won’t be late to their jobs and get fired.


24-hour service.


For the people to be nicer when you get on the bus.  And less money for the bus ride.


The single biggest problem with the bus system is the time between buses is too long.  If you miss your bus, the wait for the next one is 45-60 minutes.  It requires too much planning ahead to make it convenient for casual use.


Make seating more comfy and keep buses cleaner.


Have seats facing forward instead of sideways for elderly and children, AND more buses per route.


Pay drivers more.


More bus routes.


Plan the routes better.


Just more information available about routes, etc.  It’s really hard to get a bus schedule, this is the first one I’ve gotten.


Focus on quality and WiFi.


Need more buses running the routes and more dedicated drivers.


To have more buses in my neighborhood.


Use more handicap provider transit.


I love using the train from OKC to Dallas/Ft. Worth.  The cost was great and so was the service.  I would love to see it here.


The sooner the better.  Express Rail.


I think you are doing a great job.


(To Tulsa Transit)  Thank you for being there for me when I did not have reliable transportation.  Saturdays journey was really long and if that could be extended for those who ride would be nice.


I drive a taxi in Tulsa.  When route 471 was cut, my business increased.


I would like to see a light train through North Peoria to 56th St. N. to Owasso.


To make better transportation in the neighborhood.


Transfers are too long of a wait and at times certain parts of town are 1 to 1 ½ hours.


We need all the public transportation we can get.


You should watch the people on the bus, more seating and have the bus drivers drive more carefully.


It would be nice to have more buses running at 9:00 p.m. to at least 12:00 a.m.


Run more buses.


More covered stops and benches.  More buses limit wait time to 15 minutes.


Have coffee to snack.


Faster buses.


Faster buses.


More reliable transportation.


Any system should be justified on a fully cost recovery basis with a built in capital.  Test market now by raising bus fares to recover operating cost plus capital recovery.


I have used public transportation systems in various cities across the south, as well as here in Tulsa.  I can say that Tulsa’s system is better than Houston’s however. Later evening routes and Sunday service would be very helpful to a lot of people.


All Tulsa Transit routes need one handicap bus on every route.  Handicap bus for handicap people only.  If that search bus like that will make it better for the drivers to be on time on all routes.


I noticed the nightline 800 doesn’t go down Admiral during weeknights, which is a problem since most people go down that street, working or clubbing.  Many complaints!!!


Transfer- Taking bus to 9:30 meeting means leaving at 6:40 a.m. and cannot get back downtown in less than 1 ½ hours on bus.  Routes 508 to 318 to 222 or 251.


Plan various forms of transportation.  Insure it’s safe for kids/teens and women to use.


Later hours in running time.


The bus is too large for my neighborhood.


Better buses.


With my job, my clients need transportation to their services or just to come to my office for a visit with their children.


Better shocks, more comfortable seats, more bars to hold onto, a radio, need bus drivers.


Light rail in urban areas is the best move for the future.  Increased rail service nationwide should also be planned.


Light rail system between OKC and Tulsa would be great also.


Run from factories at night.


The heat and air could be better run, later hours, and run on Sundays.


Better buses and seats comfort and promptness.


I have four school-aged children that attend school in South Tulsa.  We purchase 7-day passes each week  during the school year.  We need a more frequent service on Saturday.


One of the major reasons I almost did not locate in N. Tulsa due to p.m. transportation.



I would love to have transit service from Owasso to various locations in Tulsa and Broken Arrow.

Public transit system is essential to growth in Tulsa,

The additional problem is getting around AFTER you are at work, i.e. lunch.

We need a rail service.

Think about inter-city (like Tulsa-Owasso) bus routes and extended hours. This is far more practical and forward thinking while keeping the tax payer in mind. Don't make the same multi-billion dollar mistake so many other larger metro areas are making with LRT (i.e. old freight train technology, loud, noisy, disrupt road traffic like they used in the Twin Cities!). We can't afford it! No one wants these damn noisy trains going through their back yards!

Let it be something attractive, easy to use, cost effective and safe. A system anyone would be proud to use and feel safe.

At this time, I only take the bus when we have icy/snowy weather or when my car is in the shop for repairs, although there are two convenient routes three blocks from my house. The biggest problem is if I miss the bus, I have to wait 45-70 minutes for the next bus, and the bus often runs late. I would take the bus a lot more if there were more frequent runs, such as every 15-20 minutes. I would also like to see some kind of electronic notification service set up, which would send alerts to a rider's mobile phone in the event the bus is running late. That way, riders wouldn't have to spend excessive amounts of time waiting in the cold and/or rain.

I would like to see the 210 route to go on 51st to memorial then north on memorial to the station i would like to see a bus back down 31st street from yale to sheridan . It is hard for people like me who don't drive and have to depend on others to get around. I work on 31s street

Better connectivity is required, even if it is limited to our current bus system. I live within 3 miles of work, and the current bus service would take 55 mintues to get to work due to the connections.

These questions are strongly commuter-oriented. While commuter buy-in is essential to any regional transit plan, other potential users of the system should also play a role in planning.

I think it would help stimulate the economy and make Tulsa a more attractive place for oustide business and people/families.

I want to be able to walk to a bus stop near my home. Currently the closest stop is over a mile away and if I have to get in my car to drive to a stop, I'm just going to keep on driving.

Needs cooperation from all areas to make this successful. The city of Tulsa will not provide service to anywhere outside Tulsa. That's why it should be operated by Tulsa County. In fact, merge the two and you can create the "City and County of Tulsa. Many other cities / counties have done this. Why can't we?

I don't need a bus to work. I need one to go to the malls, the grocery store, etc. Mostly I want a train to the Tulsa suburbs, Bartlesville, Okmulgee and OKC

The system, as it currently is, seems to cater only to those with 9 to 5 jobs. Even then, if you have to work late, you may miss the last bus home. It seems to me that people who would actually use the bus are those who work less conventional hours. People who work at restaurants, for example, would need to have service available after 10 pm. If the mass transit system is to be a service to Tulsans, these are the people who would need it the most, and it might make employment more possible for them in the future.

The idea of light transit linking south Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Jenks, Sapulpa and Owasso to downtown Tulsa is a fantastic idea.

I use public transit where ever I travel and am sad to say I've never taken public transit in my home town.

Depending on the convenience of the pickup point from my residence, I might be willing to pay up to $60 per month for an express transport. At present, the closest pickup point is 7 miles from my house, which is almost half the half the distance I drive to work. Cutting that to 2 or 3 miles (with a place to park) would be desirable.

But for the length of time it takes to go from one place to another (and sometimes the wait) Tulsa Transit bus service is great. The drivers are excellent. One of the city's greatest assets.

If there were more of an incentive to try out the current system, so I could see how inconvenient/convenient it is for me to use, I would probably use the current busses. There is a park and ride very close to my house. If I were to get more information about it I might ride the bus. I dont know the routes or where the Broken Arrow expressway (to downtown) bus travels. I think advertisements and instructions on how to use the bus system and reasons it would benefit the city and commuters alike would be helpful.

Thank you, and don't be discouraged if initial reaction is less than enthusiastic, keep bringing the message forward. Eventually, people will "get it" and get on board.


JANUARY 2011 (arranged in the order received)

Am most interested in a commuter train system to connect Tulsa and out-lying areas  Having spent time in the Chicago area I'm sold on the idea of trains, They work very well in Illinois.

What I find confusing is that Tulsa Transit is run by the MTTA, with the M standing for Metrpolitan. Wouldn't that take into account Tulsa County and not just the City of Tulsa? I live outside the Cith of Tulsa and can not drive due to a sickness I have, The bus is my usual way to get where I need to go. However, somone needs to drive me 8 miles to catch a bus or pick me up 8 miles from the bus stop when I return. That and the 90 minute headways established this summer when the budgets were cut will NEVER attract riders. Transit needs to be taken seriously and I don't believe anyone today is doing that. (City Council and Mayor.) Hopefully, tomorrow will be different.  As a long time resident of Denver, I know from first hand experiemce what happens when you build a light rail system. Not a street car system, but a light rail system with it's own right of way. 

IF YOU BUILD IT, THEY WILL COME. The economic impact to the communities around the stations were incredible. Denver's Transit system serves 6 - 7 counties, Tulsa doesn't even serve 1 full county. Denver has a funding source though. I don't know the funding is currently from the city. That definitely needs to be modified. I know people don't like to pay taxes and the mayor and city council don't seem to like to spend money.


Some ideas to increase ridership:

1) Restore routes to previous headways that were removed last sumer (and promote it)

2) Increase buses on route 105. If this is not possible, then lease the buses or look into articulated buses (and promote it)

3) Institute Sunday service to all routes (and promote it)

4) Institute 24x7 on Route 105 and Route 101 (and promote it)

5) Implemenet Casino Express buses to Hard Rock and River Spirit for players and workers (and really promote it)

6) Set up a Demonstration Commuter Rail LIne using leased equipment. That's how Trinity Rail Express in Dallas started and they are incredibly successful today.(and really promote it)

7) Follow Albuquerque's lead. They have about the same population as we do, Look what they did down there. Sure it took guts, but it worked. They got the whole city to get behind the bus system. They even had the citizens vote on what style of bus they wanted when it was time to replace older buses. They were given 6 choices with detailed pictures, Thats probably the bet PR move I have evert seen. And the fare is still $1.00 I believe.(and really promote it)

6) There were/are plenty of Light Rail naysayers in Denver. Turns out they were all wrong. Light rail passed any expectations. I know, I have been on it, and when you pass by the stopped cars at 55-60 mph, you know it was the right move  Denver is now building a massive rail system to cover the entire multi county area. They naysayers tried to say no, but they were overwhelimingly rejected. It proves that light rail works and again IF YOU BUILD IT, THEY WILL COME.

The actual Tulsa seem to be in excellent condition. Most of the drivers are good people. This system has so much potential. It's too bad that the people funding it today, don't seem to care about that or agree with each other regarding the future. I know I have presented a lot of ideas here. I have lived in many other cities and have always taken a big interest in mass transit. I have seen systems go from nothing to something. Tulsa can definitely be something.




I am concerned that the regional plan may not be broad enough.  I envision a regional transportation district that covers a much wider area than that being discussed.  And I would like to talk to someone about it.

Q: Will this plan help us implement the "Big T" high frequency bus on Peoria and 21st?
A: There will be a complete bus system plan to go along with the identification and prioritization of high-capacity transit corridors.  The “Big T” concept involves primarily frequency increases in conventional bus service and could be implemented easily with increases in operational funding for Tulsa Transit.

Q: Is there anything in the planning of transit development of making the current bus system better? Ie: longer hours, more routes, etc.?
A: Yes.  Our consultant team includes a firm specialized in bus system planning.  The Connetics Transportation Group ( is evaluating the existing fixed route bus system and developing near-term service efficiency recommendations as well as a long range bus service vision plan.

You didn't mention seniors and the impact on seniors and needs.

Don't forget about Sperry/Skiatook area. 61st and Lewis to Peoria needs attention regarding traffic safety for our schools.  We need some major bus stops in
that area because it is a high poverty concentration without transportation to jobs, childcare, medical... Thank you!

Q: How does this system interface with regional transportation (rail, bus)?
A: We use the term regional to refer to the Metropolitan area including all of Tulsa County and the parts of Osage, Wagoner, Rogers, and Creek counties that are within the Urbanized Area, as defined by the Census. As far as connecting to the broader region like Green Country or the Southwest, that’s outside the purview of this study.  Recommendations may be made with regard to linking services like Greyhound to the bus system.

Q: How tightly-coupled is your transit plan with the city/regional comprehensive land use plan? (We have a new comp plan in Tulsa derived from the 
PLANiTULSA proces.
A: We are using the comprehensive plan for the City of Tulsa as a starting point.  The vision plan for transit in the PLANiTULSA plan recommends an Alternatives Analysis be completed.  This is the first step is identifying with rigorous technical analysis tools (such as a travel demand model) which corridors will be the best to support a transit investment.

Q: Can we assume that railroad right-of-ways will be available to us? Old tracks now made into trails or even presently operating rails for elevated light-rail
passenger use?
A: Railroads in the United States are principally owned by the private sector.  In the Tulsa metro, there are two Class I operators (Union Pacific and BNSF) as well as several other short-line operators.  Agreements would have to be made for use of freight Right-of-way before they could be used for passenger service.

Q: With tax-cutting mania prevalent, where will funding come from?
A: Presently, Tulsa Transit is funded from the general fund budget of the City of Tulsa.  However, the funding for public transportation could come from various sources.  Many cities have used sales taxes, but we are looking into all options for funding including value capture for real estate that is benefited from a large transit investment.

Q: Do the owners of the rails and easements work with you in converting current and former use to support this effort? Also, will they take ownership
in supporting a conversion of their rails and easements?
A: The process first looks at the regional transportation problem as a whole.  If rail corridors are identified as possibilities, meetings and negotiations would have to occur with the private rail owners (short-line, UP, BNSF).  Every arrangement is different.

Q: You talk a lot about experts in earlier talk.  Can you expand on this? What would you recommend as far as getting outside help?
A: We have hired a multi-disciplinary team to help us through the planning process.  We have experts in rail transit planning, bus system planning, institutional structure and finance and travel demand modeling/demographic analysis.  Each firm brings a particular expertise to the table.

Q: As a resident of Rogers, I want to know if we will be a part of this transportation network and how will we be a part of it?
A: Our study area includes the Federally designated Transportation Management Area (TMA) for INCOG.  This area includes part of Rogers County including Claremore.

Light-rail between Tulsa and OKC to connect the two largest cities so we don't have to built same venues in both cities and will have rail access
to Amtrack.

Opportunity-disadvantaged areas lacking personal transportation options who are unemployed/underemployed can seek and maintain employment
and seek options at a greater distance.  Having a positive economic

Q: Tulsa won’t ever probably have the congestion to justify a fixed route system.  The benefit to such a system will be to reshape the city.  How will this factor
 into your analysis?  How do you attract funding for such a system when it’s not based on congestion mitigation but a desire to create a mixed-use/TOD city?
A: We have the fundamentals in place for creating the density required to support fixed-guideway transit.  PLANiTULSA laid the groundwork for that.  With regard to the suburban communities, station area planning to support the transit investment would have to be implemented.  We have factored in the population forecasts developed through PLANiTULSA to our travel demand modeling framework.

The now-fix-it-better routes, additional stops-more frequency.  It is a shame when a single mom has to spend an extra 4 hours a day to get to work only 4 miles away (includes walking to stop & transfers). Help people support themselves.

Q: It appears that it would possibly be more economical to extend the Tulsa-Broken Arrow commuter rail proposal all the way to Muskogee: Does this look promising, more important, actually doable? Has any careful research been applied to this proposal to see if it would work in actual operation?
A: The study area for this project is the Tulsa Transportation Management Area (TMA) for INCOG.  A study to link Muskogee to Tulsa would probably be the purview of ODOT.

Q: What, if any, are the plans for bicycle access, making Tulsa more pedestrian-friendly and adding lines in North and West Tulsa and areas outside of that (Skiatook, Owasso, etc.) to increase/improve the economic stability of consumers in those areas? What is marketing plan to change the stigma of public transportation in Tulsa?
A: Every transit trip begins and ends as a pedestrian.  Therefore, planning for pedestrian access is important.  INCOG is currently applying for funding for a Regional Bicycle/Pedestrian Master Plan.  This plan would address specifically access to transit and recommend improvements to the sidewalk/bike lane network to access transit.

Build streetcar line to link Downtown Housing with River, Cherry Street, Utica Square, and Brookside.  Also Kendall Whittier/TU

When I lived in Colorado, I was taken aback by all the bike lanes, and that even Grand Junction, which at the time had a population of only 105,000 was pedestrian and bike friendly.  (Drivers in Tulsa are aggressive with bicyclists.)  Also, no “sidewalks to nowhere” like in Tulsa.  Also, could park at GJ’s entrance to I-70 and commute to Denver in A.M. and P.M. 

Q: Is it possible such a park-and-ride program could e implemented from Tulsa to OKC, Little Rock, Kansas City, or another larger metropolitan area?  Wouldn’t this give Tulsans more employment opportunities and therefore more reason to live along the bus/van/rail line?
  While something like this is possible, it is outside the scope of the project.  The project is looking only at the Tulsa Metropolitan Area.  A project like this would most likely be the purview of ODOT.

Security is my concern.  I am retired female and I fear thugs on public transport.  Also cleanliness.  Washington DC’s transport and subway is great – no fears – very clean, lots of security and customer service on location.

Address low income population transport to work in reasonable time frame (i.e., study the full spectrum of economic class ridership needs.)  Plan regionally.  Sponsorship of bustop shelters by local business.  Design competition for above bustops by local/regional architecture firms.  Limit bldg. material costs to ˜$5K also package as a ready to build kit for community labor construction.

Be certain to connect all the communities of the Tulsa SMA because we are all one in the Tulsa area.

Must have shorter headways, better connections.  Right now it takes too long to use bus when you have other options.  If a fixed route (BRT, LR, CR) is developed, must have adequate bus feeder system.  Developing a grid bus system would be ideal for Tulsa if it can be affordable/feasible.

Improved stops/transfer stations.  Better event service, i.e., Oktoberfest, Mayfest, Fair, sporting events.  Improve perception of safety at stops and on board.

My son lives in Phoenix (downtown in a condo).  He says that the new light rail system there has been a tremendous success and that the ridership has greatly out-surpassed the expected results.  Downtown Phoenix has developed into a thriving “night” destination.  Lots to do – bowling, skating, shows, etc.

Be eco-friendly.  Publicize positively.

Must be more efficient and less expensive.

Link bedroom communities.  Don’t forget about Sperry/Skiatook.  Also, I will not use a Park-n-Ride unless it’s secure!

Get Going!

Don’t forget the opportunity to serve seniors and those with disabilities!

Easy transfers.  Xpress bus routes and Xpress bus lanes.  Grew up with great public transportation in Ottawa and Montreal, Canada.  Used public transportation to get to school and work.  A car was not required.  As young adults, we did not purchase our first car until 25 years of age.

Use the natural resources we have in the state to power such items, i.e., natural gas.  Also use the existing and previous transit route, in rail down the B.A., Riverside Dr. either on east or west side of river, Sand Spring Rail lines – etc.  Finally, start with street cars inside the IDL, connecting areas such as Brookside, Pearl District/TV, Cherry Street/Fair Grounds, Brady District/BOK Ctr./OSU Tulsa and the Uptown/Riverside Park & west bank areas.

1 – Stroller areas / Family Friendly – on BusTrain etc.; 2 – Free WiFi on Bus/Train; 3 – extended hours on weekends AT LEAST; 4 – Routes: Hospitals – Seniors, Schools for parents to help with commuting; 5 – BIKE FRIENDLY!!  Bike Racks a Must! 6 – Bench/waiting areas need to be friendly ! !

GPS  I Phone app for buses.  Clean safe buses.  Sell idea that all transportation is SUBSIDIZED – even cars.

Please don’t underestimate ridership or compromise with an expanded bus program only.  I believe strongly in light rail/street car service if we think big and invest heavily.  An extensive system will ensure success.

Q: Any chance of a Tulsa-Bartlesville rail?
A: Bartlesville is outside of the study area, defined as the Transportation Management Area (TMA) for INCOG.  There is no existing rail ROW between Tulsa and Bartlesville.  This will probably be studied in the future.

Do it Right  Connect All parts of the city  Incorporate residential, Retail and Business with the Route!

Pr___to stimulus $ 12 min. to work.

Transportation is an investment in population growth and economic growth.  What we have now in Tulsa doesn’t work, and we need to change direction so our city can grow and prosper.

Move routes not just move frequent service.

My dream is to have in some cases Free (a la Miami FL) a light Rail System thruout Tulsa that connects hubs which include a Library/Farmers’ Market/Park/Community Garden, etc.  Alongside this system would run a walk-in jogging/Bicycle Path, so those who tire of riding could hop the Train, Farmer’s Markets could each be on different days.  These could be Community Hubs.  The s/also extend to the airport, Downtown, Jenks, Sand Springs & Broken Arrow, North, etc.  Down the west side of the River where there are already current tracks. 

Start buying property for transportation corridors.

Bar & Venue Hours for After Late 2 a.m. events or clubs.

Provide good/flexible hours  and  inexpensive transportation (bus) fares.

I would like to communicate with someone about the feasibility of inter-facing park and transit resources (Busing, etc.) for improving mutual objectives.  Was referred to James Wagner.

I believe longer hours & having full time service available on weekends would be beneficial.

Do what is needed now which is more express bus routes in other areas such as Jenks/Glenpool, Owasso, Sand Springs, Bixby, etc.  After listening to the Mayor of Charlotte, I change my mind.  Think Big!

Q: 1) Can’t we use existing rail right-of-way to construct overhead monorail line to Tulsa’s major feeder suburbs such as B.A., Jenks, Sapulpa etc?  2) Pls consider ease of access for our handicapped citizens.  3) Do school buses fit into the picture?  Thank you.
A: Monorail is a technology that is known primarily for serving high volumes of passengers at a constant rate (i.e. Disney World).  The technology has been attempted in cities like Las Vegas, with limited success.  A more likely solution is technology that does not require structure to be built, such as light rail and commuter rail.  School buses are not a part of the project, per se.  However, serving institutions such as TU, TCC, Tulsa Tech, and NSU-Broken Arrow will be considered.






Transportation in Tulsa is automotive!  Given the racial bias of the city of Broken Arrow, a comprehensive metropolitan transit plan is impossible.  Broken Arrow won’t co-operate.  Most likely, the Federal Government will not fund a plan that does not cover the entire urban area.


Use it to boost economic development.  Bring people back to Tulsa – build around entertainment w/commerce opportunities.  Don’t discount tourism – I visit Cities for short vacations where I can get around w/o renting a car.

It is critical to keep affordable housing in TOD.

I used to live in Charleston, WV and I used their bus system everyday to go to work and back home.  Atlanta seems to have a very good system – MARTA – and goes to outlying bedroom communities.

Conveniences are key, knowledge of procedure to catch, transfer & exit system is key.  Better signage of Routes & where the routes goes.

Plan bus/transit transfer facilities to accommodate convenience retail services, such as dry cleaning, shopping, fast food, child care.

I think the park and ride sites should extend to other communities in the region.

Better public transportation would improve Tulsa’s standing as a tourist destination.  As it is, only tourists with cars can get around.  Even if a family comes to Tulsa for an event like the Chili Bowl Playoffs or the Arabian Horse Show, or a convention downtown, the lack of a viable public transportation system prevents them from really exploring this city and spending their tourism dollars in many places.  The lack of transportation to Mohawk Park (and other tourist/recreation sites) inhibits our full volunteer potential.  Retirees, students, physically disabled non-drivers are all members of our population that could do more volunteer work, if they could only get to the job site.  We need to stop trying to copy San Antonio’s and OKC’s river and develop a public transportation system that can help us keep up with many other first-rate cities before we are surpassed by third-world counties.

Looking at the bus routes on, I can see where they go but not where the stops are.  The rail line to Bixby (from Jenks) doesn’t go into Bixby as far as Tulsa Transit maps seem to indicate.  The ROW appears to be used by other entities close to Bixby.  If there is ever a bridge at 121st and ale, make it multi-modal.  The density of some of the housing in Bixby north of the river could probably support light rail if enough people work in the same areas.  I wouldn’t count on shopping too much.  To get riders of choice-headway times are going to need to be much less than 30 min.  I grew up next to EPTA (Phil, PA) RT 101 (Media Trolley line).  It is still there.  Much of the housing density is similar to some sections of Tulsa.  We lived near the Springfield Rd Stop in Springfield.

It is about time Tulsa looked seriously into a transportation system to assist the people in this town.  It is so practical for all involved.  It is really beneficial for those who have no other source to get to work.  It is economical for everyone and good for our health and the environment too!

We need better service hour and a half between buses is no service at all!

More routes, routes to Sapulpa, 24-7 bus service, commuter rail transit.

(Directed at Tulsa Transit) I noticed some of the bus routes are really long.  It would be nice if you would bring the 220 route back.  In my opinion, you guys are doing a great job, considering how many people you have service for.

Current transfers expire in a short time.  Current buses have limited time frame and routes.

(Directed at Tulsa Transit) I would like it if you ran earlier and later.  I have trouble with jobs going later at night and buses don’t run that late.

I think it would be helpful if they expanded to Sapulpa and ran on Sundays.

Go out to smaller communities.

Goodwill will be beginning night classes.  We need service for our students M-F, 6pm-10pm.  Also, I am an employment consultant that places people into jobs/areas that do not have evening transportation. 

Clean transportation is very important.  Preparing for work and then entering and riding a dirty bus is not good.  Often this is what happens when and if you choose to ride Tulsa Transit.  The bus is always filthy.

I actually enjoy riding buses.  The concept of riding a bus is very acceptable to me.  There used to be a bus that traveled on S. Sheridan and I was able to walk to S. 57th street and ride the bus everyday downtown (for school and for full-time work).  I grew up in another country where mass transit is a part of the culture, so I would love to see a system where I did not have to drive my car to go to school, grocery shopping, visit friends, go to church, etc.  Thanks for your interest.  Because of the expenses, I have little understanding of how you could afford mass transit; but if you can implement more bus routes, maybe more frequent buses, and the rail system, it would be a blessing to me.  I have ridden the buses all day before, just to enjoy riding and seeing all of Tulsa.  I hope you can bring a more useable system in Tulsa.  I would use it if it were available to me.

I think that option5 and 6 would help bring “working” tax dollars to the city.  This would also assist in moving Tulsa into the “best cities to live” category.

My clients tell me that it takes 2 hours to get from point A to B.  With a transfer downtown.  Or they can’t work after hours or on Sunday because of lack of services.

(Referring to Tulsa Transit’s schedule guide)Add in the book that the bus has several stops on the route instead of the ones listed just in the back.

I have lived in Tulsa for 50 years and been in many other cities.  Tulsa lacks in its bus system, The bus system needs to improve before Tulsa moves on to rail system but both would be great in the future.

Service that would allow access to early Am jobs at 6-7am from Northside locations;  Nightline services available to more locations; weekend service available on Sundays; shorten transfer times; expand services to shuttles for suburbs- BA, Owasso, Bixby, Sand Springs, Jenks-to main depots.

Expand days and hours per day on today’s transit system.

You need a time sheet on each pole and stop/pick-up.  Not all have this.  KC has bus and the one bus that did few stops.  But it is express.

I only remember how the buses and bus was in the 80’s.  Buses now are smaller, poorly crafted seats now.  Use to use bus in 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.  More covered bus stops that keep you dry in bad weather; place to put and rest coffee or drink.

The outside bus stops with benches would be better if better sheltered from the cold.  The bus would come more frequently on routes Tulsa and East Tulsa going downtown for those who live in north Tulsa, even more bus routes out to north.

In Detroit, MI the buses ran every 15-30 minutes.  The lunch hours are an inconvenience.  The closest stop near my house is ¾ of a mile.  Tulsa Transit should examine Detroit and Salt Lake City’s procedures and methods.

In Detroit, MI the buses ran every 15-30 minutes.  SLC has a Metro Train hat takes a fraction of the Tulsa Transit.  Tulsa can take serious lessons from SLC and Detroit.

More often and everyday.

It would be better so people won’t have to walk.

Q: I live in Sapulpa. What about a transit system for there? Also, how about travel between there and Tulsa?\
A: Sapulpa is within the Transportation Management Area.  The rigorous travel demand modeling process will help to identify corridors of highest need based on travel volumes, congestion and economic development opportunities.


 Q: How can bus transit be partially supported by being treated as a fixed fee utility per household with each household being rebated a monthly bus pass equal to the fee?


I support light rail on the west bank for its development potential.  I have been ignored.  West bank development needs light rail.

The current system is very slow and hours are horrible.

We need a Tulsa rail and Tulsa to OKC rail.

Tulsa Transit is terrible!  It’s always late and some bus drivers are pretty rude.  It takes forever to get a bus around here.

Go faster!

Consider transportation on holidays at regular hours with exception of X-mas, New years, Thanksgiving.

There needs to be transportation services on Sundays and there needs to be extended hours.

That they keep the fares lower and keeping use it for activities from church and school.

Get bus service to Owasso.

Light rail is my favorite “get around/across town mode”.

Have later hours for people who work late hours.

To be able to have transportation to be able to get anywhere in Tulsa.

More Lift like buses.   Rail to BA.

Find more money for buses.  Less money for highways and turnpikes.

We need a train or BART Tulsa to OKC.  I want a bus later so I can go to Drillers games from the fairgrounds area.  We enjoy riding your buses the drivers are very helpful.

Will be very interested when a Claremore location is added to the plan.

Bus at each major intersection.  My daughter has to walk 1 ½ miles to catch a bus.

sirs, i just left the bus at 41st and yale..a nice presentation..candy coated. as much as I would luv to see a system of mass transit implemented for ALL of the metro area, A RELIABLE ONE, ONE THAT 'SERVICES' THE PEOPLE, 24/7, i have my severe doubts! i am forced to take the bus to work, my car was totaled by a drunk wit no insurance, i cant afford to replace it. i work at nite, im already behind the 8ball with the system. AND I WORK ON SUNDAY!  now a newsflash, I ENJOY TAKING THE BUS!! call me crazy..butttttttt, there are problems which prohibit me and others like me to take the bus, or transit if u will. i am almost being FORCED by the system, to drive a car! u see, the system has problems like any system would, but the problems here begin AT THE TOP, when u have poor management, u  WILL HAVE A POOR SYSTEM DOWN THE LINE..let me explain with a few examples, up to jan. 16th when u phoned tulsatransit, there is always a little message played n yr ear while u wait for one of the RUDE customer service says on dec 24th xmas eve mtta will b running on a holiday sched. on dec. 25 xmas there will b no bus service, on jan 31 newyears eve. we "will b running on a holiday schedule there will b no bus service jan 1 new yrs day". HELLO! this is jan 16th!!!! 2011!! u see, there is yr first red flag! if they cant even change the greeting on the phone gosh what does that tell u on how the system is run on a day to day basis!! u wanna have a system that serves everyone? I'M ALL FOR IT!! the first order of business is to get rid of that over paid director, cartwright!! then mayb "customer service" will trickle down..however, u being NCOG u wont b connected to the city, mayb u can start anew, treat yr riders like human beings, customers if u will, but until that day arrives, transit n this area is doomed! poor management sinks many a business, this just happens to b gov. so problems beget problems, but, job security trumps yr poor management skills! which brings me to this point..chicken b4 the egg? the movie FIELD OF DREAMS comes to mind, build it and they will come. indeed the glass is half full, no half empty. yes, yr fastforward bus had all the propoganda glossed and it and they will come, u WILL HAVE A FIGHT ON YR HANDS FROM THE CURRENT "CITY" TRANSIT MANAGEMENT, they cant even do the job here, much less an expanded system. i could on and on and on, but like i say, i enjoy the bus even tho,,it takes me 1 1/2 TO 2 HRS!! TO GO A MERE 5 MILES TO WORK! mtta doesnt want to hear "input" from it riders, the attitude: its our way, or the highway...u learn to grin and bear it. i wish u lots of luck..because thats what u will need, LUCK..the system needs fixing from the inside out, not the outside in. WHO DO U THINK HAS ALL THE TRUMP CARDS?  thanks for listenin and i know this was very cynical, u havent even heard the meat, i just wish the system workd for me because i really really enjoy it when it works..which is rarely, but no one cares i'll just buy me a car and stink up the air like all the other dopes n this city. 

The bus shelters are nice, but they forgot to  install the benches to sit on!


There is inequality as to where our sales tax goes, at present the police and fire scarf it up!


Bus routes to complex and infrequent.  Uae larger bus during rush hour then change to smaller bus more frequent.  Develop more just straight East-West-North-South routes every 15 minutes.  Bus lanes for quicker movement or let them use the center turn lanes after pickup riders.  Take property tax away from TCC and Libraries for next 10 years and fund public transit.  TCC and Libraries are great but worth more if have transit to get there.


I would like to see a light rail.


We must start now creating auto alternatives.  Please consider all the region, including Claremore and Rogers County.


Use tax money.  People need public transportation.


I would consider moving out of town if I could commuter via mass transit.  Have schools do free field trips with students, to show how to do it.  Many people are afraid to ride the bus- work with chambers or the business community to offer deals to get started.


Educate the public on bus usage and teach students (youth) how to ride and get where they need to go.  Also, with the economy, pricing is everything.  Keep it relatively cheap.


People need to be educated on the use of buses, etc.  If you’ve never used public transportation, you don’t feel comfortable.  People need to know they will be safe.


It’s great deal always need that to save my gas!


You all have good ideas for bus transport system.  It would be cool if they can make a better communication for deaf too.


More transit service would definitely help.


Look at how many people leave for work from different areas and have more stops where needed.


Just have comfy seats.


As far as urban transportation is concerned, mass transit is a loser.  Resources should be directed to bridges and roads (an automobile solution).   Whether it is hydrocarbon/electric individual means of travel is the desired for m that Tulsa wants.


Fix the streets.  The Oklahoma State Tree is the orange road cone.  Quit spending road money on other projects.


Except for going downtown, few routes from my neighborhood are convenient.


Follow your heart, make it make sense, obviously the faster the better, the more routes and time slots the better, good luck finding the money!  Thanks for the opportunity to voice an opinion.


Thank you for bringing this option to Tulsa.


More sensible routes- easy access.


This would be great!  If more people had transportation, more people would have jobs!  Lack of transportation has a big result of lack of knowledge, people will get out more when there are possibilities!!


Addressing the handicap person!


Consider F-cell, hybrid and light rail.


Eliminate connections one has to wait nearly an hour for.  I walk 15 blocks to catch one bus rather than wait an hour and a half for a bus to get me there.  I can’t apply for many jobs because transit time would be hours added to the workday.  Totally impractical!  Regular intervals and simpler routes would make it easier also.


We need shuttle service for dialysis patients we need late evening and Sunday service for church.  I believe shuttle service to major shopping areas would prevent car congestion and theft.  Better over all services for people with disabilities.  Better access to major dining attractions would not only help residents but also visitors.  (Especially to St.John’s and Hillcrest.  Problems arise that prevent patients from finishing on time so the next one can start on time.  Better lift service to and from the Tulsa Fair.  For the lift program- overall better scheduling of trips.  Too many times drives have to go too far to pick up people around the same time, even at opposite sides of the city.  More people in charge of scheduling should ride along to see how much driving time it actually takes.


Goal of the transit service- that no person would need to own a car and could reach any destination in the Tulsa Metro Area ie: airport.


I want to know when they are going to put in a place like that place right in front of the Inhoff Plaza at the place where the city bus stops to pick us up to take us to the Denver station.  And I would as soon as possible because it is hard on me to stand up for very long to wait for the bus to come and pick me up.  Also, I can’t stand to wait in the bitter cold or in the heat for the bus to come because I can’t hardly breath in the heat and when it’s bitterly cold.  I could easily get sick, real sick.  Sincerely yours.


We need a “shelter” at the Bus Stip 105 Northbound where we live at Inhofe Plaza. Since they have “changed” the location of the bust stop.  We need it badly!  My other issues are endless; we were stranded at the Fairgrounds solo because the bus would not stop to pick us up.  When I called MTTA to make a complaint, they said the “traffic” at the Fair is why they won’t stop there.  While other times they will.  I suggested a shuttle to Dewey Bartlett, since I got nowhere with MTTA.  There are many other incidents that are more than I can put on your paper.  The night lines leaving me stranded at 8:30 when I’m right at the bus stop.  The 105 SB not reporting an accident and therefore causing me to be late to the doctor.  The 471 bus being almost an hour late.  The MTTA doesn’t reimburse tokens anymore when they are late, no matter what.


Not working at this time would like transport between tour around Broken Arrow-Sand Springs, etc.

91st and Delaware-81st Delaware no sidewalk.  Many apartment complexes, duplexes, condos.  People can easily walk to ORU, Cityplex, Wal-Mart shopping area if there was a sidewalk.

Finish ring and around Tulsa, Gilcrease extension to route 55 to OK. City on plans in 1960- now 2011.  Please do it soon. 4 lanes.  Helps buses, trucks, cars, around 44 and 244 get around Tulsa.  Less ozone in 1 place, easier for north to go to south and southwest.  Reduce congestion in city. Reduces accidents on 44 and 244.  Helps north and west Tulsa develop.

I am excited about the concept of improving Tulsa's public transit system and would take advantage of public transit if it were improved upon Keep up the good work!

excellent effort, and very much needed at this point in tulsa's growth.  let me know what i can do to help!

I would attend the public event on January 19th, but I will be out of town on business.  I plan to get involved.  I am especially interested in the coordination of transit studies with roadway expansions.


I will take part when the mobil outreach is in Owasso.  Please be sure to have plenty of evening hours since most citizens are working outside of Owasso during regular business hours.  Thanks.