Tulsa City Councilors talk about rapid transit system; Tulsa World ; 10/22/2013

Two Tulsa city councilors Monday night heralded the potential benefits of a Bus Rapid Transit system, describing it as a shift in the city's transit philosophy and a key component of the proposed Improve Our Tulsa capital package.

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New Rapid Bus Service Included in Tulsa Capital Improvements Package; KTUL: 10/21/2013
City officials are hoping to gather support from area residents Monday evening to update Tulsa's public transportation system. City Councilors G. T. Bynum and Blake Ewing will be joined by INCOG representatives for a public forum at All Souls Unitarian Church. It's there that they will discuss the Peoria Bus Rapid Transit Project.
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Tulsa plans new rapid bus service; KJRH; 10/20/2013

TULSA - Tulsa City leaders and INCOG prepare a sales pitch to transform the city's public transportation system. It comes as part of the $918.7 million dollar capital improvements package known as "Improve our Tulsa."

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"Subway on the Street" service may be on its way; Urban Tulsa Weekly; 7/24/13

Sometimes a cool idea catches fire and flies around with fierce intensity. What New York magazine writer Robert Sullivan once called a "Subway on the Street" could shortly play a big role in reanimating Tulsa's anemic bus system.

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New Bus Rapid Transit system in Tulsa Council proposal; Tulsa World; 7/23/13
The list of capital improvement projects proposed by the City Council includes nearly $30 million for the Metropolitan Tulsa Transit Authority, more than half of which would be used to buy new buses.
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Council Support Strong for Peoria BRT: Urban Tulsa Weekly, 7/3/2013

Tulsa city councilors were hammering out the exact phrasing for a resolution in support of "catalytic projects" and "dependable funding" for transit. The goal, eventually endorsed unanimously by the council, is for transit options to mesh with goals laid out in the city's comprehensive plan, a 2010 document meant to guide land use decisions citywide.

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